Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sproutin' Goals

I have decided to start setting monthly goals and then evaluating said goals at the end of the month.  My new goal to start setting goals was inspired by Errign at Errign's Adventures and Chelsey at Clean Eating Chelsey.  They both do this monthly setting and evaluating of goals.

So here it goes for October:

-Follow my half marathon training plan religiously.  This means over 68 miles this month! 

-Eat extremely clean during the week, especially pertaining to my toxic relationship with sugar.  Seriously, it's like that guy who you know is such a bad idea but you keep going back to him. And afterwards you just hate yourself.  Then you forget about how bad he/it made you feel and you go back again!

- Budget, budget, budget.  This means NO shopping.  Except for necessary groceries.  And maybe some pants for work. But that's it!

- Cross train 4 days a week.  2 at CrossFit and 2 at Bleacher Club.

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- Watch less TV and spend more time reading, taking Lola for walks, and working on other projects around the house.  It seems like I used to get so much more done before we installed cable.

- Be a better friend.  I've been pretty self absorbed lately and haven't been attentive to the ongoings in my friend's lives.

Okay.  So y'all have to hold me to it.  Goals set, now I have to put the actions into motion to meet them!

Now for something completely different

Do y'all ever play the game "I never" with your friends? 

You say the thing you've never done and if someone has done it they put a finger down.  Or in the drinking game version, they take a sip of their drink.  When someone has all 10 fingers down, they loose.

My friends and I have played a million times.  I know way too much about what they have done and what they haven't done.  We've played so many times that it isn't even fun anymore, because we can't come up with anything to say that we haven't said before.

But, I discovered a new I never. 

I never ate brussel sprouts.  Until today.

Insane. I know.  Lots of cabbage, turnips, and greens on the dinner table growing up, but no brussel sprouts.

I heard they tasted like little baby cabbages and I love cabbage, so when I saw these at Sam's, I had to buy some.

Fall has had me in the roasted vegetable mood.  So far, I have roasted squash, cauliflower, green beans.  Tonight was a supper of roasted brussel sprouts, roasted broccoli, roasted cerub tomatoes, spring mix, leftover sauteed onions and mushrooms, boiled egg whites, and some fat free feta. 

It was delicious and super filling.  Salads like this make you forget you are eating healthy.

The brussel sprouts were like dense, stinky little mini cabbages with a more intesnse cabbage flavor.  Good, but I think I prefer cabbage.

Leftover roasted cabbage, roasted tomatoes, roasted broccoli, and feta with a grilled red fish filet for lunch tomorrow.  At work, whoever uses the microwave after me is going to get a nose full.

I have lots of brussel sprouts left.  All you brussel sprout veterans, do you have any recipe ideas/suggestions?

How often do you set goals?  Monthly? Weekly? Once a year?  At all?

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