Friday, November 11, 2011

Cooler Weather + Full Moon = One Crazy Dog

Happy Veteran's Day.

Thank you to all those who have and are currenly serving this great nation in the armed forces.

There is no act more noble, patriotic, and selfless than defending our constitution by serving in the armed forces.

It's so hard to find a way to express my appreciation and have it sound sincere.  But from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


In no way do I deserve any glory on this day, but for some reason, they have decided to reward me with a day off of work.  I may not deserve it, but I'll take it!

I plan on spending the day cleaning and starting on my Christmas shopping.  Oh, and stopping by Starbucks for a skinny peppermint mocha. :)

CrossFit is also on my agenda.  This WOD.  CrossFit is constantly honoring fallen soldiers by creating WOD's in their memory.  It's always humbling and motivating to complete one of these workouts. 


The cooler weather has made Lola a tyrant-asaurus rex.  She ate my lettuce. Again.  She has destroyed EVERY single one of her toys.  And she lost her ID tag, which was attached to her collar with 2 reinforcements.

The guts of one of her toys.

The brown menace must be acting out because she is bored and not getting enough exercise.  So she I decided she was going to join me for my run yesterday. 

The most she has ever run is 5 miles, but 6 miles was on the books yesterday.  She pulled me every bit of those 6 miles.  My girl set a distance PR! 

Our pace was abyssmal.  Running with Lola is definitely more challenging, because I am much more cautious about both foot and car traffic.  Plus, we had to make a few potty breaks.

All in all, even though it isn't as enjoyable for me, I am glad to take her along because I know she enjoys it.

When we returned home, she still wanted to play and was running around like a Mohegan in the back yard!

Maybe the full moon was making her crazy?!?

I'm off to start my day!  Better get a move on if I want to be at the stores when they open at 10:00.  I have to buy someone some new toys.

Did the full moon bring any crazy into your life? 
Are you off work/school today?  If so, how are you spending your day off?