Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fleur de Lis Pizza, Baton Rouge

After my half marathon, I wasn't all that hungry.  I had planned on lunch with my entourage and a friend from Baton Rouge, but couldn't decide what I was craving.

My sister brought up Mellow Mushroom, and pizza sounded like a winner.  When I let my friend know, she suggested we go to Fleur de Lis Pizza.  She said she had heard great things about it and that it had won a bunch of local awards.

When we pulled up to the pepto pink, slightly dilapidated building, I was skeptical.  It was the definition of a hole in the wall.

picture courtesy of their facebook page

We entered and my worries were not eased by the interior.  I don't think the walls have seen fresh paint since the 1950's.  The menu consisted of pizza and pizza only.  You had your choice of small or large, but the waiter made it clear there wasn't much of a difference in size.

another stolen facebook photo

Let it also be noted that this restaurant does not take credit cards or split checks.  Also, there are no free drink refills due to the fact that they serve cokes out of glass bottles.

We contemplated leaving and heading to Mellow Mushroom, but I'm glad we didn't.

I ordered a small vegetarian.

It was delicious!  The crust was thin and crispy and perfect.  The toppings were fresh.  It really pained me to say it, but this pizza trumped my favorite Tony's special.   I ate every bite.

This place can get away with a small menu, accepting only cash, and decrepit decor because they do pizza right.  Do one thing and do it well.

We were still talking about the pizza the next day.

Fleur-de-Lis Pizza Lounge on Urbanspoon 

Thick or thin crust?  What is your favorite topping?