Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Does Dancing Count as Cardio?

Happy Tuesday!  I've missed y'all!!!!

I have had a crazy few days, filled with errands, workouts, fun, whiskey, dancing, waiting rooms, couches, great friends from near and far, bands in crazy costumes, and unhealthy food.

I'll try my best to keep my recap brief.  First off, I had a hell of a week of workouts last week!  I really pushed and was sore as hell and happy with myself.

Monday - rest
Tuesday - this CrossFit WOD (135# & box HSPU in 5:57)
Wednesday - morning: hot 4 mile run, evening: this CrossFit WOD (23:24.  I hate burpees!)
Thursday - this CrossFit WOD with 65# (woohoo!  I was terrified to go this heavy but I got to 5 in minute 5! and then did about 2-3 per minute for the remaining time.)
Friday - awesome 4 mile run and dancing!
Saturday - dancing!
Sunday - rest
Monday - 5 mile run + 2 mile walk (It was supposed to be a 9 mile long run but my weekend indulgences caught up with my and my stomach hurt soooo bad.  Plus, I got lost!)

Now, for the fun stuff!

Friday night: One of my besties who now lives in Jacksonville, FL was in town for her birthday.  We did dinner at Luna, followed by the Molly Ringwald's, a totally awesome local 80's cover band at a bar.  I danced until I couldn't dance anymore.

 Saturday: The day was pretty lazy.  I ran a couple of errands.  Then, I got all gussied up and went to a Mardi Gras ball.  My friends are members of the krewe and invited me as their guest.  This, of course, meant more drinking and much, much more dancing!  The limo picked us up at 4:00 PM and the party began!  Another fun local band, the Chee Weez, played at the ball.  I ran into so many friends and had the BEST night!


Sunday: Slept very, very late.  Had a late breakfast lunch of eggs, ham, hashbrowns, biscuit, AND pancakes at a local diner with my date from the night before.  Watched that gorgeous Serbian, Djokavic, win the Australian Open.  Watched the Kardashians leave NYC.  Watched the RHOA take over South Africa.  Uberly unproductive day.

source - Holy hotness, those eyelashes!

Monday: Woke up very, very, very, early.  Went to the surgical center to see my dad before he went into surgery (he had a torn rotator cuff repaired).  Hung out in the waiting room, munched on some McDonald's breakfast burritos, and read local magazines while wondering why I'm never featured in "Society Spice" until he was taken to recovery.  Went home, napped, ate crap, and did a couple of loads of laundry.  Went on my neglected Sunday Monday long run, which was awful and cut short. (see above)  Took Lola to see her paw-paw (my dad) and ate BlueBell.  Hit the hay very early to prepare myself for my short work week.

As you can see, my diet has been atrocious!  I've gotta re-focus. 

***Sorry for the lack of pictures.  I did actually take a lot through the weekend, but most are out of focus and too ridiculous to post for all the internet to see.  Plus, I have been too busy lazy to upload them.

How do you get back on track after a weekend (or week?!) of indulgence?


  1. Molly Ringwalds AND Chee Weez in ONE weekend?? You are one lucky girl :)

    I haven't gotten back on track yet from my 1.5 weeks of indulgence. I'm waiting for that push/motivation. I'm changing things up in the gym, so at least fitness-wise I'm doing something?

    1. That's kinda how I feel. If I can't manage to get my diet in order, I better get my butt moving.

  2. dancing definitely counts as cardio!

  3. It looks like you had an INCREDIBLE weekend! I would argue that you had a tremendously productive day on Sunday. I only had the emotional strength to watch the RHOA go all kinds of crazy, leaving me unprepared to watch the demise of Kris and Kim. You = Far more productive. :) :)

    After a weekend full of amazing, albeit not the most healthy, food, I usually make sure to add some great workouts to my schedule, drink TONS of water, and sprinkle in lots of salads.

    1. Haha. You made me feel so much better about being on the couch all day! I'm trying my best to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And I finally stocked my fridge with lots of veggies, so I have green back in my diet.