Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful...

that Lola LOVES to go for runs.  When she sees that pink leash in my hand, she goes crazy!  Her excitement is always contagious. 

Unfortunately, runs do not make my girl this tired.  It takes a long, sunny day of swimming and frolicking on the beach to wear her out!

for the internet and the plethera of websites dedicated to Paleo recipes.  They keep this diet delicious. :)

for Louisiana culture.  Mardi Gras is over, but I love that it is a holiday specific to our corner of the world and that everyone in this great state celebrates!  I also love how connected Louisianians are to the land.  Hunting, gardening, trapping, and fishing are a normal way of life; our citizens are resourceful, although not all are to the extent of the Swamp People (who I love, by the way).

for days off.  Fat Tuesday=state holiday!

for CrossFit.  It always pushes me. Even on my bad days, I leave the box knowing I got a good workout.

for a generous, loving family.

for my lack of commitments.  Other than my job and a few bills, I have no responsibilites and do as I please.  It may sound selfish, but I love the idea of knowing my future could take me anywhere and I don't have anything holding me back if opportunities come knocking.

that it's almost the weekend!

What are you thankful for?

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