Monday, June 18, 2012

A Weekend With a Saxophone Serenade, Happy Places, and Nostalgia

Another good weekend for the books. :)  Friday night I caught up with a long lost friend over salads and a bottle of wine at Luna.  We were also serenaded by a saxophonist (now a jazz band plays at night?!?), which was right up her ally! She loves the sax and even had a saxophonist play at her wedding!!!  After we said our goodbyes, I met friends for more drinks and didn't fall into bed until 2:00ish.

Saturday morning as hard as I tried, I couldn't sleep past 7:00 AM.  I cooked breakfast (scrambled eggs), CrossFitted, and ran some errands (library and Target included, 2 of my happy places).  The rest of the day was spent poolside with watermelon margaritas.  Then,  dinner and drinks with my sister and roommate followed by a fairly early bedtime.  Well, early for a single 20-something on a Saturday night. 

For Father's day on Sunday, we went to church and cooked at my parents' house.  My dad showed me on the front stoop where I had put my hand print when they built the house when I was 3.  He made me put my hand up to it and told me he wished I still was 3....I wish I was 3, too, and my only concern in life was when the ice cream truck was coming.  After lunch and visiting, I returned home to nap, mow, cook, do laundry, and watch the Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Why do the weekends go so fast?! 

Here is what last weeks workouts looked like:

Monday - run 2 miles
Tuesday - this CrossFit WOD
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - this CrossFit WOD
Friday - this CrossFit WOD
Saturday - run 3 miles  CrossFit
Sunday - run 3 miles or rest

With all those lunges and squats Thursday and Friday, my glutes were so sore!  Saturday's WOD included more squats.  It was really fun.  There were 6 of us at the box and we drew cards to make teams of 2.  I ended up being on a team with my sister.  There were 3 stations - running, squats, and box jumps.  While one team was running 400 m, the other two teams were either squatting or box jumping and counting reps.  Only one team member would squat at a time and box jumps were alternating between team members.  So basically, the faster your team ran, the less time the other teams had to get in reps.  It was a 30 minute AMRAP.  We lost by over 200 reps, but in my eyes no one was a loser because we had our butts at the gym on a Saturday morning (and I had stayed out until 2:00 AM Friday night!). 

This is the first time in a long time I actually stuck with my plan!  Well, there were a few modifications, but I got in 5 workouts!!!

This week's plan:

Monday- rest
Tuesday- 3 mile run + at home workout (tabata?)
Wednesday - 3 mile run or at home circuit workout (something I've pinned)
Thursday - CrossFit
Friday - CrossFit
Saturday - CrossFit
Sunday - rest or run or bleachers

I've also food prepped for the week.  Sunday I fell off the Paleo wagon hard.  (Hello corn on the cobb, Texas toast, key lime cake, and BlueBell!) so I have to jump back on today.  In my fridge I have pulled pork, blackened chicken breast, cucumber "seaweed" salad, and squash "noodles".  Recipes for all to come soon!

What was you favorite workout last week?  Anything good on the menu this week?  Where are your happy places?

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