Friday, July 29, 2011

The Weight of It All

It's Friday!!!  Which is great for obvious reasons, but daunting because I always weigh myself once a week, on Friday mornings.  I picked Friday mornings because I am most disciplined with nutrition and exercise during the week, so I am probably my lightest on Friday mornings. :)

So this morning before I even had a sip of water, I stepped on the scale. I thought about the fact that my hair wasn't fully dry, because I fell asleep with it wet last night, and contemplated drying it to get those few extra ounces off before I weighed.  But I didn't, I just told myself I would subtract a pound to account for my damp locks.

Wet hair aside, I lost 2 pounds this week.  While I should be thrilled, I still hate the number staring back at me! I ate clean, I worked out hard, and  I am still so far from my "skinny" weight (how much I weighed at my skinniest).  I really pushed myself this week and I feel good, so why isn't that enough? 

My sister told me about a friend of hers (who is a crossfitter) that lost 3 pant sizes but didn't lose any weight. So is inches lost a better indicator of fitness? Probably so, since muscle is more dense and weighs more than fat, and the scale doesn't take this into account.  Maybe I will start measurement Fridays instead of weigh in Fridays! This article sums up the weight vs. inches debate.  Weight is a great tool to keep us from a slippery slope, but isn't a great measure of fitness.

I am discouraged with my weight, but I have to keep reminding myself my goal is not to be skinny or weigh a buck fifteen.  My goal is to live a healthy, well balanced life and be the most fit I can be. This isn't something that can be achieved overnight, rather it's a lifelong journey. I have friends who are thin despite the fact that they eat fast food a meal a day and never exercise.  I may never be as skinny as them, but I can out run them.  I am stronger and have more endurance than them. I am more fit than them.

A recap of my workout week:

Monday - bleacher club, indoor edition. It was a lot of plyometrics, burpess, and hopping around. I was exhausted!

Tuesday- crossfit. "Jack".  I really pushed myself and upped my weights.  I used 25# for the kettlebell swings and 55# for the push presses.  My shoulders and lats were so sore!

Wednesday- bleacher club, indoors again.  Push up mania! We did every variation of push up you could imagine! Since the number of reps was so insane (I wish I would have counted) and my upper body was sore from my workout the day before, I opted for "girl" push ups. The result is sore arms and a skinned right knee. :(

Thursday-crossfit. "DT". It was heroes week at crossfit.  All the WOD's were named after fallen soldiers.  This always inspires me.  I think, "If they could train hard and go die for our country, I shouldn't complain about 45 minutes to an hour of hard work!"  I am so appreciative to all our armed forces. For this workout, you use the same weight for all 3 exercises, so you have to use a weight appropriate for your weakest exercise.  I quickly learned power cleans are my weakest of the 3.  I started with 65# but had to drop to 45# after the first round.

Today my workout will have to be cutting the grass and weed eating.  It needs to be done today, as well as grocery shopping, and I have plans with friends tonight, so I don't think I'll have time to get in any exercise.  But trust me, I have a big yard and weed eating is definitely an upper body work out, especially shoulders!

I'm having lunch with a friend at Street Breads, today.  This place is delicious!  Everytime I've been I've tried something new.  Today I think I'm going to have the Heart Lover Salad with grilled shrimp!  I'll let y'all know how it is.

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