Tuesday, July 26, 2011

what I'm excited about today

I was right about yesterday's workout...it was a toughie!  Mike is always finding new ways to make me hate burpees. Yesterday, it was what he calls the "dead man burpee".  It's name is appropriate because you want to die after doing 50 of them. And he promises Wednesday will be tougher....sigh.

Right now, I'm excited about:

My lunch!  I'm going on my 3rd meal with my ducks I cooked Sunday (yesterday for lunch I had a duck baked potato and dinner last night was duck salad).  Did I mention duck is my favorite source of protein ever?!?  I packed my lunch box with grits, duck & gravy, and smothered onions and mushrooms.  I'm going to cook the grits and mix it all together. Only 2 hours until I get to put that savory, salty, goodness into my belly!

My running buddy!  Andrea, my original running/workout buddy, has decided to run the half marathon with me on November 19. I'm ecstatic to have someone to train with, especially on my long Saturday runs. My official training schedule starts September 6.  I will post my half marathon training schedule soon.

Check out these famous running buddies.

Now if I could only get Seth to commit!  (Yes, this is me calling you out in attempt to guilt you into running with me!)

My vacation!  I leave for Punta Cana, DR in 50 days!

My sister is coming home! She is a travel nurse and has been living in Connecticut for the past 12 weeks.  She should be back on Saturday.  Lola is so happy her Auntie is coming home!

My possible new residence. There is a good chance I am moving into a new house that is much closer to work, crossfit, and the track.  It is about 2 blocks from my favorite running route (Shell Beach Dr), and it has a big, fenced yard for Lola. Fingers crossed it works out!

My workout this afternoon. It is a crossfit day. The WOD, "Jack", consists of excercises that I really enjoy, so it should be a good one. It's a 20 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), which always exhausts me!

This video! Hilarious! Dogs are so entertaining, silly, and funny.


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