Wednesday, July 20, 2011

why I'm starting this blog

1. to be a medium of support for people striving everyday to be the most fit person they can be.  This is a forum for us to exchange tips, tricks, recipes, workouts, and motivation.

2. to be held accountable for my nutrition and fitness choices.  I am going to be much less likely to eat a pint of Pralines & Cream Blue Bell if I feel obligated to confess it to the blogosphere!

3. to force myself to be a more open person.  I am not exactly a Sharing Sharon. I hope the experience of writing this blog will teach me to be more candid in my day to day life.

4. to keep my life exciting & interesting.  Nobody wants to read about a boring girls life, so I guess this blog will obligate me to have fun, experience new things, and share it all with y'all!  Poor me.

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  1. Hi -
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