Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goals = Results

My lack of fitness success lately can be attributed to my lack of goals. I see more results when I am working toward something....a "measure in", a 5 miler, a warrior dash.

Without a focused goal, I have been going through the motions; showing up to the gym and doing as I'm told, and not really pushing myself. So I have a new set of fitness goals! 

                                     Me & Andrea after finishing a Warrior Dash in Austin last fall

1. Fit into my shorts and my favorite pair of white linen pants, all bought last summer.  I refuse to buy new ones! To reach this goal, I'm going to really have to focus on nutrition! 

Target "goal accomplished" date: September 15, 2011 - the day I leave for Punta Cana!

2. Run a half marathon.

Target "goal accomplished" date: November 19, 2011.  The "Seawall Half-Marathon & Crabwalk" in Galveston, TX.

3. Complete an unassisted pull-up.  It's a catch 22...I hate upper body strength training because my upper body is so weak, but it will never get stronger unless I challenge myself, up the weight, up the reps, and lose the pull up bands. 

Target "goal accomplished" date: December 31, 2011

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