Monday, August 1, 2011

A Reflection of My Blogging Experience

I have been blogging for over a week now.  Reflecting back over my week and my blog posts, I've realized a few things...

1. Blogging has been really helpful in keeping me motivated about nutrition and exercise.  Since I have been confessing via this blog, I feel more accountable for my actions.

2. I have a wonderful support system of family, friends, and workout buddies.  Everyone has been so encouraging and supportive of the blog.

3. Blogging takes time. I thought writing a blog post would take 10 minutes max, but it takes 30 minutes minimum.

4. I don't take enough pictures.  Most of the pictures I have posted on my blog are old as dirt or stolen from some internet source. I vow to start being my own paparazzi and photo documenting my life.  The blogs I find the most intersting are the ones full of pictures.

5. I tend to make lists. A lot of my blog posts have been lists (including this one). I find lists an easy to read format.  I don't just make lists in my blog posts, I make lists for everything.  I am a lifelong lister. Lists are a tool for me to organize my thoughts.  Here is a list of my current lists:
     -to do list
     -grocery list
     -blog post idea list
     -Christmas gifts idea list
     -flea market/thrift store list (This is a list of things I am looking for at thrift stores for various crafts and projects.)
     -wish list/my Christmas list
     -recipes to try list
     -baby shower idea list (for a baby shower I am hosting in approximately 6 months)
     -new music listening list
     -books to read list
     -gifts to buy list (This includes birthdays, baby, wedding, etc.)

I keep my lists in a handy, mini notebook that I keep in my purse at all times!  The above list does not include my work lists, which are on orange sticky notes stuck all throughout my day planner.

I am still bunking at mom & dad's and I have a busy week ahead of me.  Mike is on vacation and because I have seniority in the group, he has bestowed upon me the job of leading bleacher club today and Wednesday.  He left a workout assignment for us, so my role will be more cheerleader and encourager of the group.  I have book club Tuesday night, which I am thrilled about because we have not met in months.  I am excited to see everyone and decide what we will be reading next. Also, I will be cleaning, painting, and packing because I am likely moving this weekend!

How many times is the word "list" written in this blog post? 25!

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