Thursday, September 8, 2011

Canned Pineapple Is for the Birds

First thing first....Why did I just find out yesterday we got a fro-yo joint in Lake Charles?  I stumbled upon it on my trip to Books a Million.  Yogurt Mountain.  Not as good or as many options as Orange Leaf in Sulphur.

Yogurt Mountain

I filled my cup with no sugar added strawberry yogurt topped with pineapples, yogurt chips, pretzels, and granola. The pineapples were out of a can and disgusting, so naturally, I ate them first, then enjoyed my yogurt.  I know what you are thinking. I paid $0.50 an ounce for them, and I don't waste food or money. 

Yogurt Mountain on Urbanspoon

Progress around the house

I broke the glass of a picture frame while moving, so I turning into a medal display case.  I can't wait to add my half marathon medal!!!

My favorite Pottery Barn picture frame was chipped in the move.  I tried spray paint to cover the chipping, but the finish didn't take the paint. I decided to modge podge it with scrapbook paper.  And rather than return the snapshots to the frame, I silouetted a lab on burlap in honor of my brown girl!

I realize it is not centered in the frame.  I tried a redo, but it looked like a mix of a lab, a weenie dog, and Albert Einstein.

Links of interest:

I loved this article by Sara Gaynes.  Particularly, the part about the hidden dangers of a "goal weight".  This is exactly what happened to me last summer. (See my about me page for the full story.)

Pull up advice. Yes, please!  I'll take any help I can get to reach my unassisted pull up goal.

Louisiana 2 Step  Recipes (especially good cajun ones!), exercise tips, calendar of upcoming races...This site is great for anyone, but developed with Louisianians in mind.
"What is the Louisiana 2 Step? The Louisiana 2 Step is a fun, free, motivational program that teaches people 2 simple steps to better health: eat right and move more. Through this interactive website, you can access tools and information to help you get healthy and stay healthy"

Does anyone need an excuse to drink a beer? How about 4 excuses?  If so, read this article from Shape magazine. 


Sorry for the short  and random post, but it is a busy, busy, busy week.

Have you been working on any home improvement/craft projects lately? Or any new ideas? You know Pintrest is taking over your life and inspiring you to be crafty, so share!
Do you have any good and interesting links to check out?