Monday, September 12, 2011

Photo Recap of My Weekend

I was a slacker and forgot to snap pictures of some of my weekend highlights, so just close your eyes and imagine what is missing pictures.


Woke up early.

This is AM, not PM.

Overnight pumpkin oats with pecans.

Coffee and the weather.

Bleachers while the sun rose.

Play time with my brownie.

"Stop with the papparazzi, mom!"
Our attempt at a self portrait.

More rush duties at the sorority house.

[insert picture of me in a dress & apron making chicken salad sandwiches]

[insert picture of me snacking on my weight in peanuts]

[insert really cute picture of me cheesing with a lot of my old college friends/sorority sisters]

Nap on the couch

[insert picture of me drooling and most likely snoring]

Canoli made by my sister.

[insert picture of homemade canoli with chocolate chip ricotta]

Finished my book.


Morning run with Lola (5 miles).

[insert picture of me and Lola, both panting and exhausted]

Made some pesto for my granny.

[insert picture of basil, pine nuts, parmasean, and olive oil whipped up in food processor]

Dad's ribs for lunch. Yum!

[insert picture of 5,000 pounds of meat grilled by my dad]

And ice cream for dessert.

[insert picture of a scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla with a side of frozen cake]

Jennings to visit my granny & paw-paw, where she gave me my gift for my sister's birthday.  (I am very spoiled.  This tradition started a very long time ago.  Myself, my dad, and my mom all have birthdays in the 3rd week in December. Because my grandparents lived an hour and a half away and we were usually going to see them for Christmas, my grandma would always mail our birthday presents at the beginning of December.  She didn't want my sister to feel left out, so she always got a small gift, too.  My grandma always wants to be fair, so she started giving me a gift for my sister's birthday. I love her.  She is way to good to us!)

Immersion blender!  Yay! Just in time for soup season!

Fresh teal for supper. Thanks, Jeff!

I stole these pictures from Jeff's facebook.

This is actually my sister's plate, but my plate looked identical!

Baked a ton of granola. (recipes coming soon!)

Began packing process for vacation.

Five tons of laundry.

This is just one of my 5 billion loads.

Company Men with Ben Affleck. It was a pretty boring movie.  I have a hard time sitting down and watching a movie while I'm at home, and this one definitely didn't keep my attention.

What did you do this weekend?

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