Thursday, October 27, 2011


There are some changes happening at Miss Magnolia headquarters.

You may have noticed a few.

I changed some fonts, cleaned house on my side board, added a “Follow Me on Pintrest” button J, and have a new commenting system.

It was driving me crazy that I couldn’t reply to any comments, so after this computer illiterate girl struggled for many hours, the Disqus widget was added.  Comment away so I can reply!

And I also signed a contract FoodBuzz.  I am going to be a featured publisher!  So excited!  They are such a cool food blog community and I’m pumped about becoming a part of it. 

What else is cool?

Well, the weather is going to be this weekend.  Just in time for my 10 mile long run on Saturday morning.  

Looks like I’m going to be breaking out my Under Armour, fleece, and gloves.

Suggestions Welcome & Appreciated

Tomorrow is CrossFit Lake Charles’ Halloween WOD and their 3 year anniversary. 

I have to find/create/buy/scrounge up a costume that I can work out in.

It is going to be a team competition workout of good vs. evil.  (I think I want to go evil…mwah-ha-ha.) 

What do you think of the changes?