Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'll Take Today Over Yesterday

This morning is shaping up to be a better morning than yesterday

I slept until 6:30 AM.

My hair is fixed. 

I like my outfit. (I would post a picture of it, but I’m still cameraless. L  Khaki and white gingham flannel button up shirt, brown trash bag waisted skirt tied with a bow in front, tangerine suede loafers, and a chunky turquoise necklace.)

My lunch is packed. (spring mix, cucumbers, garden fresh banana peppers, and a basil & tomato mozzarella laughing cow wedge topped with roasted eggplant, tomatoes, broccoli, and mushrooms and smoked turkey)

Breakfast was delicious. (whole wheat English muffin with a mozzarella laughing cow, sautéed spinach, and runny eggs)

My attitude/outlook on life is better.  After my weekend of over indulgence, I felt blah and gross.  But it’s amazing what just one Monday of eating clean and exercising (not only did I run yesterday morning, but I also had an awesome Bleacher Club workout yesterday afternoon) can do.  

I’m excited to do this WOD at CrossFit this afternoon.

Oh, and I signed up for another half marathon yesterday!  YIKES! 

You would think I would wait to see if I liked my first one before signing up for another, but because the spread of the Saints game Sunday was so insane, yesterday only I was able to get $55 off registration for the New Orleans Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon on March 4th.  (That’s $1 off for every point the Saints outscored the Colts.)  I love a bargain!  It only cost me $38 to register!

 Rock 'n' Roll New Orleans Marathon & 1/2 Marathon

I’m really excited about it.  I love New Orleans!  And it will keep me running through the holidays.  I was a little nervous that after my half on December 3rd  that I would not have a plan, therefore slack off on the running and have to start from square one later.

My bestie, Seth, has agreed to run it with me.  He is a speed demon and will surely kick my butt, but celebrating with him afterwards will be so.much.fun!

All in all, it is shaping up to be a great Tuesday.


How is your Tuesday?


  1. I couldn't get over that Saints deal! Insane! Sounds like you had an awesome day!! :0)

  2. My Tuesday was pretty excellent. My afternoon class was canceled so I was able to get up, strength train, go to class, do yoga and be done with everything by 1 pm :)

  3. Aren't good days great? I'm so glad to hear you had a happy Tues. Love your blog!