Monday, October 10, 2011

Cookoo for Coconuts!

Day 4 of Vacation.... (see Day 1, Day 2, & Day 3 here)

Slept late because we were out late.  Then walked to the French bakery for brunch and to pick up a birthday cake for my sister, since she was officially 30 today!

We didn't want to purchase a big cake, because we knew it wouldn't get eaten, so we bought a few little mini treats to share with everyone.

A tiramisu.  The coffee/expresso flavor was weak and the texture was blah.

A chocolate ganache-y type cake.  Very smooth, but the chocolate was mellow.  It would have been better with a darker chocolate with some punch.

A custardy wafer thing.  It was my favorite.  The custard was separated with crispy wafers.  It was topped with a super sugary layer of what I will guess was white chocolate, but all I could taste was sugar.

And a strawberry treat.  This was my least favorite.  It tasted like artificial strawberry and had some wierd gel layer of film on it.

All in all, the best thing about the bakery was the croissant on which my breakfast sandwich was made.

After gorging on cakes, we went back to the beach.

After sunning all day, we decided to have a mellow night at the villa drinking cocktails and playing board games.

But first, I tackled cracking my coconut I found on the first night of our trip. 

I was a little confused by the appearance.  It looked nothing like coconuts seen in grocery stores.

Since we only had ikea steak knives and a small paring knive, I had to get creative.  I used a cork screw and my brute strength to break into this hairy beast.

My lovely surgical assistant, Linsey.

After many, many minutes of surgery, I got to the nut of the coco....  I was so proud!  I felt like I had birthed this little guy.

I almost gave up at this point.  This thing was rock hard. 

I juiced the coconut by drilling into its "fontanels" with the cork screw.  My plan was to make a delicious cocktail, but the juice tasted like the armpits of a 350 lb man who just finished a marathon in Miami in May.

That was it.  I was done.  So I passed the torch to Carrie, who went cavewomen on the coconut and busted it open by banging on it with  rock.

It was the perfect size to make me a coconut bra!

The coconut meat was so white and looked delicious.  Wrong.  It was DIS.GUST.ING.

Therefore, I of course made everyone try it and tried to capture pictures of their reactions.

We busted the not so ripe coconut by banging the whole thing on the cement steps of the villa.

My coconut theory is that we are bad coconut pickers.  One was overly ripe and the other was too green.

 If you are ever stuck on a island, I might be a good person to be stranded with, since I have mad coconut cracking skills.

After showering off all the sticky coconut juice and sand from the day, I fixed a drink and we played cranium.  Sadly, my team lost. 

Have you ever eaten fresh coconut? 

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