Saturday, October 8, 2011

I interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging....

I was going to continue my vacation posts today with Day 4, but I have something better to share with you...

I ran 8 miles this morning!

Eight. Ocho. Huit. 

That is my personal distance record. 

I am so excited, but my hamstrings are very angry.

It was tough.  The weather was okay, but much more humid than last week when I ran 6, but it was fairly cool.

My route took me all over downtown Lake Charles and gave me a new appreciation for this city.  I went through some neighborhoods with turn of the century homes and a lot of craftsman style and 1920's bungalows. Craftsman is my favorite style of home.  I think in my next life I will be an architect.  Or a stewardess on a yacht.  Or pastry chef. 

Someone needs to invent a chip to put in your brain or eyes and when you blink 3 times fast it takes a picture of what you see.  That way, I could share all the sights (especially all the fall pumpkins and mums on the stoops of these adorable bungalows) along my run with you.  Because God knows I can't run and take pics.  I can barely run and not trip and fall.

My run left me with hamstring tightness and a heinous blister on the arch of my left foot.  I'm going to go ahead and take the blame for the blister, because I wore crappy socks due to the fact that I was too lazy to do laundry.

Another reason I'm excited....

Satsumas are officially in season!

I only had 2 ripe enough to pick, but in a few days, I will have a boat load.

I'm also excited because my parents donated  some patio furniture to me.  Now I can blog while I sit outside with Lola (which I am doing right now). 

I'm off to shower (no I still haven't had a post-run shower. ewww!) and foam roll.

What are you excited about on this gorgeous fall Saturday?

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