Saturday, October 29, 2011

Great Khan Mongolian Grill

After the Crown Royal tasting, we went to dinner at Great Khan Mongolian Grill.

It was my first visit here.  Actually, it was my first visit to any Mongolian restaurant. 

The fact that we were newbies must have been obvious, because the watress asked us if we needed her to explain the process.  Which is as follows:  Check the "side" you want on a card (the side is a choice of noodles or rice); take your little silver bowl to the raw protein station and add as much as you want (it is the same price no matter what), then season your protein with dry seasonings of choice; add veggies of choice to the bowl; fill up a cup with your sauce of choice; drop of bowl of goodies, sauce, and order card to grill. 

The whole process stressed me out a little.  Looking at the raw proteins - chicken, beef, shrimp, scallops, crawfish - was very unappetizing.  And my bowl wasn't big enough to hold all the veggies I wanted. :(

In the end, I opted for udon noodles with chicken, broccoli, sprouts, sugar snap peas, green beans, cabbage, zuchinni, and mushrooms topped with the mongolian sauce.

It was very good.  Oh how I love veggies that are cooked but still crunchy! :)  I just wish the vegetable to noodle ratio would have favored the vegetables.  The noodles were very thick and round, like earth worms, but were tasty none the less.

My sister had shrimp and rice in her bowl.  One of her shrimp still had some shell.  Ewww.  That is why I don't eat restaurant shrimp.

There is a full bar in the restaurant and they have a happy hour from 3:00 to 7:00.   Word on the street is they have karaoke some nights too!  I may have to check that out.

***Sorry, still no pictures.  I have yet to drive all the way south of town to get my camera.

Have you ever eaten at a Mongolian Grill?  How did you feel about the raw meat sitting out?