Friday, October 21, 2011

I Thought They Said "Rum"

If there were an award for the worst blogger, I would win in the photography category.  My photography skills are, well, non-existent.  Worse than that, I forget to take pictures 95% of the time!
Hence, there are no pictures to show you of the rum and tequila tasting I attended last night. It was at  Hokus Pokus Liquor.
 Hokus Pokus does wine tastings every Friday night, but sometimes they do “special” tastings on Thursdays.  I have attended a scotch and a beer tasting on Thursdays. 
The rum to sample was Bacardi’s new Spiced Rum.  We compared it against Captain Morgan.

It was definitely much more flavorful than Captain Morgan.  It is aged in a bourbon barrel and the tastes of vanilla and oak really come through.  No contest, hands down, I preferred the Bacardi over the Captain.  And it’s a dollar a bottle cheaper!

How funny is this guy's race shirt?

The tequila we sampled was the Avion line.  Allegedly, this tequila is a big deal and made by some rich guy who owns a private jet charter company in LA.  The tequila has been featured on Entourage.

Avion makes their tequila with 100% agave.  They also slow roast the agave prior to processing it.  I was told this is not done with most tequilas.  I was also told that Jose Cuervo is awful because it is only 51% agave and 49% vodka.  But I like Jose Cuervo! J
We started with the silver.

It was not enjoyable. 

Then was the respado.

It smelled much sweeter than the silver.  It was better, but I still found it to have little depth other than strong alcohol taste.

Lastly, the anejo.

It smelled like cupcakes.  The alcohol rep said it was the vanilla I smelled.  I did not taste vanilla, though it had a little more flavor than the silver or anejo.
All in all, I was thoroughly unimpressed with the Avion line.  Maybe I’m just a cheap tequila kind of girl?

All that tequila and rum had me craving a draft beer, so we left Hokus Pokus and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for a few rounds.  The World Series was on…Go Cards!  But they lost. :(

I normally do not drink or go out on weeknights, but it was a nice change of pace.   All work (& workouts) and no play makes Miss Magnolia a dull girl.  Last night was exactly what I needed!
By the way, next Thursday Hokus Pokus is having a Crown Royal line tasting.  I love whiskey! You might just be able to find me there!

Have you ever been to a tasting?  Do you normally stay in on weeknights?

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