Thursday, November 3, 2011

Happy Thursday!

 Only 2 days until the weekend. 

As if that is not exciting enough, I won the Food Should Taste Good chip giveaway hosted by Kelly @ Foodie Fiasco.  I can't wait to snack on those chips!

What's left on my to do list for the week?

- two 8-mile runs
-1 CrossFit class
- grocery store (I'm plum out of lettuce & non-stick cooking spray)
- other shopping (2012 planner - Stuff is coming up that I need to write down for next year & a space heater for my desk - they are $10 off at walgreens this week)
- drive to South Lake Charles and retrieve my camera (I know, I know.  Procrastination.  I've been needing to do this for 2 weeks!)
-take down my Halloween decorations and put up my fall/Thanksgiving decor

Battle Wounds

Tuesday during my CrossFit WOD, "Kelly", I boxjumped caddywhompously and nailed my shin.  This isn't the first time my legs have met the corner of a box. 

Last September, I had a very similar, but much more severe incident with my right leg.  The result was a brutal, oozing gash, a lump the size of an egg, and a permanent scar. 

It's such a bad place to injure, because there is no muscle or fat to cushion the blow. 

While analyzing my newest battle wound, I thought about all the other scars I have collected in my 26 years.

-Rope burn - right ankle (I got tangled by Lola when she was tied up) - Summer of 2010
-Scrape from a pipe sticking out of the hot tub during installation - other side of right ankle - Summer of 2010
-Cut myself shaving - right ankle (more top of the foot) - middle school?
-Fell during box jump - right shin - Summer 2010
-Cut myself shaving - left shin - middle school?
-Fell off  my bike and bike screw went into my leg -below right knee - elementary?
-A piece of pencil lead permanently imbedded from a boy stabbing me - left knee - 5th grade
-Biopsy when I had impetigo - right hip - 5 years old
-Burn - right forearm - 16 years old
-Biopsy when I had impetigo - right tricep area- 5 years old
-Bike accident - chin - 7 years old
-Scraped face diving into shallow end of pool - bridge of nose - July 4th, 2011
-Permanent lump from roller blading accident (funny part is, I wasn't the one in rollerblades) - forehead - elementary?

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When you read this list, you probably think I should be hidiously disfigured, but the only really obvious scar is the box jump one.

Notice no surgery scars.  I've never undergone surgery or broken a bone. Knock on wood.

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Do you have any scars?  Tell me about them!