Friday, November 4, 2011

Report Card

This is the post I have been avoiding for 4 days. 

Last month,  I decided to start setting monthly goals.

The beginning of November means it's time to set new goals and.....dun-dun-dun. It's evaluation time.

October Goal Evaluation

-Follow my half marathon training plan religiously. Grade: B-.  I skipped one speed run and procrastinated a long run.

-Eat extremely clean during the week. Grade: B-.  With the exception of this and this, I did really well.

- NO shopping. Grade: D.  Old Navy's sale got me on this one.

-Cross train 4 days a week.  About a week into October,  I made a decision to only cross train 3 days a week.  4 was just too much.  I was irritable and worn out.  Grade: W.

- Watch less TV. Grade: A-.  I definitely have been watching less TV and getting more productive things accomplished, but I could still cut back on the boob tube time.

- Be a more attentive friend. Grade: B+.  I have made conscious efforts to keep in touch with friends I don't see during the week, and try to stay updated on what is going on in their lives.  There is definitely room to improve.

If I was still in school and recieved these grades, I would have cried. :(  Completely unacceptable.  I am not a "B" student, I am an "A" student! 

That being said, next month I must do better!

source - sorry for the vulgarity, but too funny!

November Goals

 - Post at least one recipe a week on the blog.  I only posted one in October, although I know I invented more.  :(

- Continue to follow my half marathon training plan so that I am physically and mentally prepared for the race on December 3rd. 

- Complete 90% of my Christmas shopping, decorating, and wrapping.

- Stick to my budget! I have created a spreadsheet.

- Cross train 3 times a week.

- Eat clean, nutritious foods.  It's going to be tough with the holiday, and I can splurge a little, but pass on the "okay" stuff and have a little bit of the "it's so delicous and I only get it once a year" stuff.

I am determined to make the dean's list for November!

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Were you concerned with grades when you were in school?  
 I was obsessed with my grades.  If had just one "B", I would be upset.  In all of my high school and college course, I only made 2 "C"s and both distraught me.