Saturday, November 5, 2011

MacFarlane's Celtic Pub

Friday after finishing this CrossFit WOD (I modified by doing 30 pull ups and 30 dips in place of the muscle ups) solo (There were only 2 of us in the 5:30 class, and the other guy just quit mid workout...I don't think he liked being beat by a girl.), I met my best friend for dinner at MacFarlane's Celtic Pub.

We hadn't seen each other in a couple of weeks, since she found out she is having a BOY!  I was very excited to catch up.

I have only been to MacFarlane's once before, and it was only to have drinks.  They have a very extensive selection of beers (over 150) and scotch. 

Even though  they have a massive beer selection, they do not offer Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors, or Miller.  The bartender warned me of this before even handing me the beer menu, which was just fine with me, because I was in the mood to try something new.

After perusing the menu for a good 30 minutes while chatting away, I finally decided on the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout from England.

It was exacty what I wanted.  Dark (I've been on a darker beer kick since it's been cooler outside), but still smooth and very easy to drink.

I would definitely order this again.

For the past week, all I've had on my mind is a hamburger.  This is extremely odd, because I'm not a huge hamburger person.  I am very picky about burgers.  My favorite of all time is from Port of Call in New Orleans.  It helps that being inside Port of Call feels like being in the hull of an old ship.  We all know I love all things nautical!

After asking the server if she recommended the chicken or the burger, she said burger.  Burger it was.  With a side of cabbage.

The cabbage was AMAZING.  I wish they would have given me a bigger portion.  Like a whole dinner plate full.  It was prepared with bacon, but wasn't overly bacony (word?). Seriously, thinking about it now makes me want cabbage. 

The burger was bleh.  They didn't ask how I wanted it prepared, but I should have known better and let the server know I wanted it medium rare.  I hate over cooked beef.  And I got overcooked beef.  The only saving grace was the bun.  It tasted like a massive hawaiian roll and was delicious. 

I ate half of the burger and took the rest home.  I bet Lola will like it more than I did.

The service was awesome.  After finishing our food, we sat chit chatting for a long time.  The waitress made it clear that we were welcome as long as we pleased, and even though we had closed our ticket, she made sure to check on us periodically. 

The atmosphere at MacFarlane's is so cozy that it makes you want to stay a while.  Looking around, it seemed that many groups were sitting, visiting, and drinking long after meals were finished. 

MacFarlane's is very close to my house, and I love the atmosphere.  That plus the extensive drinking options will surely lure me in again.  :)

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Do too many options overwhelm you?
Having 150 beers to choose from was so overwhelming!  It took me too long to decide.