Monday, November 7, 2011

What the Weekend Taught Me

- Boxes bite Okay, I already knew this, but I was rudely reminded Tuesday.  As the weekend progressed, so did my heinous bruises.

- 300 squats on Friday + 8 mile run on Sunday=misery

Saturday morning I was super sore, so I decided to put off my run until Sunday.  Stupid move...I know that DOMS gets worse from hours 24 to 48, and should have considered that fact. 

- Even though one day you can run 10 miles easily, it doesn't mean 8 miles will necessarily be easy.

Worst.8 miles.ever.  I'm going to blame the sudden onset of humidity, the crap I ate on Saturday, and Friday's evil CrossFit WOD that left my quads useless.

I kept telling myself that come race day, it may be hot, I may feel like crap, and it may not be a good run.  I have to train through the agony, because it will make me that much more prepared.

- Ice baths are marvelous and unpleasant.

my ice bath buddy, hot apple cider in my mug Alli gave me

I was so desperate for relief after my atrocious run, that I resorted to an ice bath.  Those of you who know me know this is huge because I absolutely hate being cold.  But desperate times call for desperate measures. 

Miraculous.  Words cannot describe how much better I felt.  I think it will be a new post long run ritual. 

- Crepe myrtles come in yellow.

A house along my running route had two in their front yard.  The blooms were bright yellow and beautiful.  I attempted to find an internet picture to share with y'all, but I can't find one!  Trust me.  They exist and they are gorgeous.

-  Camellias are blooming and I am obsessed with them.  Again, not so much something I learned this weekend, but something I was reminded.

These pictures do not even begin to do justice to the lush, beautiful camellias I saw during my run.

They are big, feminine, and southern, three qualities I value most when it comes to flowers. 

My favorite flowers are as follows: 1. magnolias (of course!) 2. hydrangeas 3. peonies 4. camellias.

-Starbucks now has a skinny peppermint mocha!

I discovered this exciting news via Katie's blog.  The low here is 37 Wednesday, so it will be the perfect day to try out this new hot drink of holiday cheer.

-Google has a blog search. 

I want to find the most random search that leads to my blog.  Which reminds me,

- Someone searched "drink cocktail" in google and my blog came up. 

This is what I saw in my stats section. 

I feel a little like a lush.  Maybe it was this, this, this, and thisMaybe I am a little of a lush.

-Just because you gain an hour of sleep, doesn't mean you are fully rested. 

I took 2 naps Sunday, then went to bed at 9:30 PM.  My eyes just wouldn't stay open.

- Eating my favorite meal of pot roasted ducks with rice & gravy and Blue Bell for dessert never gets old.

I had it twice on Sunday.  I guess everyone is trying to make room in the freezer for all the ducks that are going to be shot next weekend when season opens back up.

First, lunch at my parent's house, with pumpkin pecan pie Bluebell (holy yum!)

Then, dinner at my house, prepared by my roommate/landlord Jeff, with homemade vanilla Bluebell sprinkled with peanut butter m&m's.

Even though I told myself, "no more sweets" after lunch, when I arrived home and saw Jeff bought a half gallon of Blue Bell, I couldn't ruin this day of food perfection.

What did you learn this weekend?