Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What I ___________ Wednesdays, Vol 11

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

For those of you who have not jumped on the pintrest bandwagon, I strongly recommend that you hop on quick! 
Not only is pintrest very addicting fun, but it is also very useful.

My most useful boards are as follows:

-"running routes" where I have been pinning many different running routes mapped on USTAF's website.  It helps me keep things interesting by not having to run the same places all the time.

- "healthy eats" where I pin all the healthy recipes that I want to try from blogs and other sources. I also have an "indulgent eats" board.

- "Christmas list" where I am pinning all the goodies I want Santa to bring me.  My mom has been bugging me for a list, so it will be easy to just send her a link to this board.   It will also be a one stop shop for her, because there are direct links to the websites to purchase these prizes.

Here are some things I've pinned over the past week:

All are linked to their original website. Just click on the picture.

Veggie eggs benedict.  Eggs benedict is my favorite breakfast, and with this recipe, I won't feel the guilt normally associated with chowing down on all that bacony, hollandaisey goodness.

Pinned Image

The Gracious Pantry's slow cooker chicken and spinach.  Her recipes are always great and this one looks so simple.

Pinned Image

Why did I never think of roasting cabbage in the same manner I would brussel sprouts?  Can't wait to try this one!

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New balance minimalist road running shoe.  I have been researching and reading a lot about miniamalist shoes.  I'd like to give them a try, especially since last night at CrossFit I learned my sneaks are causing me to lean forward and interfering with my deadlift form.

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This adorable faux fur jacket from Zara.  So fancy!

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Mini tripod for my camera so I can work on my amateur photog skills.

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Garmin 305.  Hopefully this guy will help me get faster by keeping me aware of my pace.  And it would be so nice to know exactly how far I've run, instead of using the not so accurate map it.

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Silmats.  Would be great for all my baking needs, especially drying fruit.

 Pinned Image

I'm a little bit obsessed with this girl's bow.  Seriously.  I've been thinking about it while running. While at the grocery store.  While showering.  While driving.  While working.  While cooking. 

And those earrings!  And that hair!  Perfection.  

Who is she?  Will she be my friend?  Will she share her closet? Her jewelry box?

I must find this bow.

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And last but certainly not least, this little diddy.

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So true!

Are you a pintrest addict?  If so, what is your favorite "board"?