Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Meatless Monday?!?

I love meat.

Vegetarianism just isn't for me. 

A lot of omnivores choose to skip the meat on Mondays and call it "Meatless Monday."  It's actually a full fledged campaign you can read about here.  Most meat is full of fat, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc and bypassing it one day a week is said to be beneficial to your health. 

Meatless Monday

I abstain from this practice because, well... I love meat!

But yesterday, I didn't eat the first bite of it.  Not even fish!  It wasn't until today (Tuesday) that I realized I had unintentionally participated in Meatless Monday.

Here is my accidental Meatless Monday breakdown:

smoothie-blackberries, 1/2 frozen banana, juice of 1 satsuma, vanilla protein powder, splash of almond milk, ice

spring mix; green leaf lettuce; radish greens; roasted eggplant, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, peppers; 4 boiled egg whites; balsamic vinaigrette

braeburn apple and a spoonful of peanut butter

the rest of the roasted vegetables
cookie dough 
(vegetables and cookie dough for dinner is balanced, right?)

Truth be told, I'll take cookie dough over meat anyday!

Do you participate in "Meatless Monday"?  
Do you ever eat cookie dough for dinner?