Monday, November 21, 2011

Sunday Stroll

After a fairly busy Saturday, I enjoyed a very relaxing Sunday.

As usual, Lola and I went to my parent's for lunch.  We visited until early afternoon, then returned home to do laundry. 

I had the itch to go for a run or hit the bleachers, but I knew it wasn't the best idea since I ran 12 miles on Saturday and it was supposed to be my recovery day.

So we went for a long walk.  I brought my camera along so I could show y'all all the sights along my "regular" running route.

Our new sidewalk.  I am absolutely loving it!  Cargo trucks going to the port drive way too fast, making running on this road dangerous.  I guess it pays to have city coucilmen and police jurymen live in your neighborhood.   

The new subdivision being developed in my backyard.  Rumor is, they are going to have a water park.  I wonder if there will be age restrictions?
Shell Beach Drive
The cypress trees are so pretty right now. 
Shell Beach is the prime place for Christmas decoration looking. (PS. This house is for sale if anyone wants to buy me a Christmas present.)
A property owner built a water fountain for passers by, both two and four legged.  Such a nice gesture.

This is my favorite spot along the lake.  The spanish moss in these oak trees is just gorgeous.
I-10 bridge.
A small bayou off the lake.
Lola saw a duck...
and almost pulled me in the bayou.  But it swam under the bridge and out of sight.
We spotted a sailboat on our way back home.

A Sunday stroll was a relaxing way to end the weekend.  Minus the mosquitoes that almost carried Lola away.

What did you do to relax this weekend?