Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Thumb

My dad and grandma are avid gardeners.  I have the luxury of recieving their delicious produce without doing any of the work.  But I'm beginning to realize that they won't be gardening forever, and someone needs to fill their shoes. 

This summer I planted herbs (basil, mint -for juleps, sage, parsley, and green onions).  They were successful, so this fall I planted lettuce.  Mesclun mix to be exact.

It was finally time to harvest!  Which worked out perfectly because I have no greens in my fridge due to the fact that I have been avoiding grocery shopping all week.

My plan was to make a salad with my home grown lettuce for dinner Wednesday night, but when I got in from my awesome 5 mile run, I had a text from a friend wanting to do sushi.  I obliged because I love sushi and haven't had it since, in the words of my friend Seth, "God was a boy."

Tangent Restaurant Review

We went to Kyoto. (He wanted to patron another establishment in town that I'm not a fan of, but willingly let me have my way.)

I ordered a peppered tuna roll and a phillie roll with a beer.  The sushi was fresh and delicious!  Usually, I devour 2 rolls, sometimes even 3, but for some reason last night I could only eat half of each roll.

Kyoto also has hibachi grills.  I've eaten the hibachi a few times and it is also very good.  While the mall sushi is my favorite (I know it sounds sketchy, but it's awesome!), if your looking for a nicer environment than the food court, this is the best Japanese place in town.

Kyoto Japanese Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

Back to the Lettuce

My lettuce was worth the wait!  I had it for lunch Thursday with canned tuna, cannelini  beans, peppers, and balsamic.

For dinner, after this CrossFit WOD (I finished in 40:50.  The double unders KILLED me.), I used the rest for a salad with seared ahi tuna, tahini dressing, and siracha.  (I just realized I've eaten tuna for 3 of my last 4 meals.  Hello, mercury poisining!)

Unfortunately, I only had enough lettuce for 2 massive salads, but in a couple of weeks it should grow out enough to harvest again.  I initially had 2 containers planted, but Lola devoured one of them and I never got around to replanting it.  


The seeds are meant to be sowed every 2 weeks to ensure fresh lettuce all winter long, but considering I was using pots, it wasn't really practical.

It's very rewarding to eat something that you cultivated from a seedling!  I think I'm going to give tomatoes and peppers a go this summer.  Maybe my landlord will let me till a tiny garden?!? (hint, hint if you are reading this, Jeff)

Have you ever grown your own produce?  How many sushi rolls do you usually order?

PS.  How awesome is it that days are getting longer?!?!  I can actually get a 5 mile run in after work without it being dark when I return home!