Friday, February 10, 2012

Paleo Challenge

Hi y'all.  It's been way too long!

Thanks so much for all the encouraging words on my last post about my grandpa.  Y'all are so sweet!

I've been so busy and can't wait for the weekend so I can catch up on the Real Housewives  sleep.

Yesterday was my first day at CrossFit this week, so my first opportunity to complete my Paleo challenge pre-reqs.

I signed up, payed my $10, took my "before" pictures (gross!), and completed the following WOD for time:

10 pull ups --->green band
20 push ups   ---->"real" push ups
30 deadlifts 225#/185# -----> 115#
40 wall balls 20#/16# ----->14#
50 kettle bell swings 1.5/1 POOD ---->25#
60 sit ups
70 burpees
800 m run

Finished in 29:16.

(The weights listed next to each exercise is the prescribed weight.  The weight in pink is the weight I used.)

I got to the burpees in a little over 12 minutes and thought, "well this isn't as bad as it looks."  I ate my words.  Those burpees were BRUTAL!

So, for 6 weeks, I will follow a strict paleo diet.  At the end of those 6 weeks, I will retake pictures, turn in a food journal, and redo this WOD with the exact same weights and see if there is any improvement.   The combo of those 3 things will be examined by the coaches and the person who "did the best" will win the pot of money!

The challenge doesn't officially start until Monday, so I have a mexican feast with margaritas planned for the weekend!  But last night I realized I already took my pictures, so gorging on beans, chips and salsa, and margs will hurt my chances. :(

Honestly, I can't wait to start.  I can't even begin to explain the amount of awful things I have put in my body over the last 6 days! 


Have you ever done a challenge with your gym?


  1. LOVE this challenge. I did CrossFit for a month and you can see in improvement in just a week or so! You are going to love it!

    And I'm a HUGE fan of paleo. I tried it for a bit. The first two weeks are brutal, but I swear it gets better after that!!

    1. I've been doing CrossFit a while and LOVE it. I feel like it's kind of a science experiment adding in the Paleo...I hear and read that it really improves how you feel and how you perform. I hope its true!

  2. I've heard so many good things about this- I'll be curious to learn more from you!

    1. I've heard how wonderful it makes you feel. I'm thinking of it like an experiment, testing the "feel great" hypothesis!

    2. can you tell I was a biology major?

  3. I love that chart!!! I lovelovelove eating paleo because it makes me feel so much better. I never fully realized how bad junky/super processed foods made me feel until I gave them up. I can't wait to hear how things go for you! My tip is to focus on what you CAN eat and not what you can't!

    1. Thanks for the tip! All weekend I thought about what I'm giving up, but after one day have already rediscovered how much better fresh food truly tastes. And I redisocvered my love of avocado!