Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend in the Kitchen

My entire weekend was consumed with eating and cooking.  I took overindulgence to a new level.

Since I knew Paleo started Monday, I had a sort of bucket list of foods I felt the need to eat before then.  On the list: sugar, mexican, rice, sugar, ice cream, beer, sugar, margaritas, gumbo, sugar, every starch in the house, whiskey (which I unfortunately did not have time to fit in to my gluttonous weekend).

After oats for breakfast (goodbye oats!), I decided to make a gumbo since it was cold outside.  Unfortunately I hadn't thawed any ducks, so my gumbo didn't get started until around 11:00 AM.  Those of you who are from Louisiana know a proper gumbo takes at least 3 hours.  Needless to say we ate a very late lunch.  Not to toot my own horn, but it was a very good gumbo!

I had plans to photo document the steps of making a gumbo, but only got as far as dissolving the roux in water. :(

My sister and I had originally made plans to have a pre-Paleo mexican feast at 6:00 PM.  I was grateful when it was pushed back to 7:00 PM because a) I had a late lunch and wasn't exactly hungry and b) I had to make 24 dozen cookies. 

I whipped up 6 batches of cookie dough, and ate countless spoonfuls.  I decided to wait on baking them until Sunday, since they are for a Valentine's party and I wanted them to be as fresh as possible.

6  batches of cookie dough!

I washed the flour out of my hair, put on my puffy vest to keep out the frosty wind, and headed to Coyote Blues for beans, beer, margaritas, chips, dip, and lots of cheese!

When I got home, I ate a pint of Pralines & Cream Blue Bell.  A friend had brought it to me because she knows how much I love it and that it will be off limits for the next 6 weeks.  It would have been downright rude not to eat it.

Sunday morning, I was dragging.  I think it might have had something to do with all processed, delicious, unhealthy food I put in my body. 

That didn't stop me from indulging for one last day.  I baked half of the cookies before my mom picked me up to head to my grandma's for Sunday dinner (she lives about an hour and a half away).  So, cookie dough for breakfast. 

On the menu at Granny's: pork roast, rice & gravy, cabbage casserole, purple hull peas, and some kind of buttery apple cake.  She is the master of roast and rice & gravy!

I came home to finish my cookies and start on 160 cupcakes!!!  More baking=more spatulas to lick.  

a lot of pink cupcakes!
I had leftover gumbo as my last supper.

This morning, my pants would barely button.  Ummm.  Maybe I overdid it a little.

Do you ever overindulge because you are about to get back on the healthy bandwagon?  It's so counterproductive, because really, you are just going to have to work even harder to offset all those extra calories.  ***Sigh.  What was I thinking? 

Even Lola was a fatty this weekend...she ate treats and duck bones.  I wrapped up the roast bone at my Granny's to bring home to her, but I forgot it. 


  1. I got your package today!!! I LOVE it!!!! I am so excited to try the cocoa almond butter and I'm certain it won't be too bitter! I don't like sweet things much... I like bitter things!! And I'm totally almost out of coffee! What perfect timing!!! And I can't wait to experiment with the creole spice!!! Thank you!!!

    1. You are very welcome, dear! I got your package, too. Love, love, love it. I was so excited about the almond flour, I literally danced in my kitchen. And I brought the card to work and pinned it to my bulletin board because it makes me smile. :)

  2. Wow, look at all that cookie dough! :)

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    1. No twitter. This blog, facebook, and life is almost too much to keep up with. :)