Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving (& Not) Wednesday

My mom.  I always love my mom but yesterday she left me a prize on my doorstep.


She and my sister have both read/are reading the series and I felt super left out, especially since the movie comes out this weekend.  Unfortunately, they are Kindle snobs and cannot loan me their books because I am Kindleless.  I cried about it all weekend. 

I guess she was sick of me shushing her everytime she wanted to talk about the book to my sister.  That, or she loves me.  I'll go with the latter. As a thank you, maybe I will take her to see the movie. :)

Lola Beans.  Another one I always love. I just wanted to say it again and use it as an excuse to post a picture of her cute brown face.

Maxi dress topped with a button up for work.  Genius! I have Claire to thank for this idea.  It would be the perfect outfit to transition from work to happy hour on a patio somewhere. Today, I'm sporting a teal maxi dress topped with a white button up adorned with a beaded placket, lots of silver bracelets, a super high bun, and silver dangly earrings.  No picture, I was running super late for work.

source - These are all maxi skirts, but you get the idea.

Food! I was a bottomless pit yesterday.  Maybe it was all the weight training/lifting I did at CrossFit the last 2 days. 

Coconut Ice Cream.  While still full of calories and sugar (agave), it is Paleo friendly (and dairy free, soy free, gluten free) so is a "legal cheat", meaning I don't have to deduct points for a serving. 

My sister bought 2 pints (at over $7 a piece!!!) and left them in my freezer.  She purchased the mint chip and the toasted almond chip (the toasted almond chip is not completely gluten free).  I stayed away until last night, but as stated above, I was on a kitchen rampage so finally fixed a serving.  Oh how I've missed cold, sweet, creamy ice cream.  I plan on making my own as soon as I borrow my parents' ice cream maker.

My new water bottle. 

Cute, huh?!  I had a gift card to Academy and planned on using it for some new workout tanks for this warm weather.  Even with a gift card, I couldn't stomach the $22 price tag on the only top I even remotely liked.  So I scooped up a new water bottle (with a wider mouth than my old one so it is much easier to clean), some BodyGlide, and a new collar for Brownford.

That the week is more than halfway over, and I have plans this weekend to see friends I haven't seen in a while.  Oh, and I get to vote Saturday!!!

Now, Let's get into what I'm not loving....

Pollen and seasonal allergies.

The basketball sized knots in both of my hamstrings.  (Thank you, painstorm and good mornings. NOT!)  I have one of Brownikins tennis balls on my desk to try to work some of it out at some point while at work today.

All this rain.

My lack of running/training for the 2 races I have within the next month.

What are you loving?  What are you not loving?


  1. I'm loving the Hunger Games books now too. I'm currently on the last one. They keep growing on me!

    And sorry to be so un-original, but I am also hating pollen. My allergies are making me feel so lethargic!

    1. I almost called into work today so I could keep reading. Hunger Games=addictive.