Monday, April 2, 2012

Getting Muddy for a Good Cause

Saturday marked the inaugural ReAlliety Challenge here in Lake Charles.  It was a "warrior" run with the proceeds benefiting The Mission Continues, "a non-profit that empowers wounded veterans to serve again here at home, giving them purpose and allowing them to use their incredible skill sets to help build and bring communities together."
Allie Ieyoub, owner of ProjectFit and organizer of the race (hence the name), invited different gyms in town to sign up at discounted rates ($50 per person instead of $65) to encourage a little friendly competition.  Our CrossFit box signed up for the 11:00 wave.

Packet pick up was the night before at L'auberge du Lac's Touloulou's restaurant.  Although I have been to L'auberge a thousand times, I had never been to Touloulou's.  It was added last year and has a beach shack vibe.  It is sandwiched in between the boat slips and a beach with a fire pit, volleyball nets, and plenty of beach chairs.  Brightly colored umbrellas are shading picnic tables on the dock. 

After snagging our bibs, race shirts (white cotton-whomp, whomp), and bags, we were served our choice of burger, hot dog, or fried fish (since it was a Friday during Lent) with Zapps potato chips and a soda or water.  There was beer for sale and a band playing, but people weren't really sticking around, so after eating we were out like trout.  The sun was setting on the lake as we left.  Beautiful!

CF Lake Charles was in the 11:00 wave.  We arrived around 10:15 to scope out the situation.  It was warm.  About 10 minutes to 11:00, we were coralled at the starting line.  I had made a pact with my sister and a friend to stick together.  There was no way in hell we would keep up with the "hard core" CrossFitters. 

They counted us down and we were off.  We jumped hay bales, climbed over and under walls (some as high as about 20 ft), balanced on logs, waded in thigh deep ditches, tromped through muddy woods, maneuvered through wooden structures, splashed down water filled culverts, navigated web filled woods, shimmied across manmade obstacles, swam over and under floating "logs", slid down muddly hills, climbed up slippery slopes, crawled through trenches, and scaled net roping. 
source- This obstacle left its mark by bruising my shins and ankles.

Our last obstacle before the end.  I stole this from a friend's facebook.  I'm in the pink on bottom.  I have participated in 2 Warrior Dashes, and I have to say, this was much more challenging and exciting.  Especially the last few challenges, where you would slide into a trench and have to hike your way out, all while tons of water was spraying you in the face.

Our time was abyssmal! Everyone else on our team was done and standing at the sidelines cheering us on by the time we reached the last 2 obstacles.  But I was having so much fun that I didn't want to rush through, I just wanted to enjoy it!

CF Lake Charles crew.  I stole this picture, too.

Obligatory muscle pose.

Firemen were there to wash off the mud and muck. The line to wash off was extremely short, especially compared to what I've experienced at other races.  I think it's a testament to how well they did with wave timing and size.

Izzo's was providing free post race quesadillas (I didn't partake) and their was free soda and water.  Beer was reasonably priced at $2 per can.  But like the night before, no one seemed to be sticking around for a post race party.

Overall review
  • This race was expensive for a local race, but you could see why.  Free food and entertainment at the packet pickup, free food post race, and all the organization and work put into each obstacle on the course.  Plus, the proceeds went to a great cause.
  • The obstacles were challenging, but still manageable for the average person.
  • It was well organized.  Packet pickup was a breeze.  Parking was not an issue. My only complaint is there was no bag check, so we had nowhere to put our keys.  Also, they have yet to post results and pictures.  An e-mail was sent out apologizing and saying they obviously weren't prepared for this, but they should be out by Wednesday.  In my opinion, this isn't the type of race you take super seriously, so I have no issue waiting for results. 
I would definitely run it again.  Actually, I kind of wanted to run it again with a later wave.  I'm so thankful someone planned an event like this close to home.  Running a mud race usually requires driving at least 2 hours to a major city.

Our CrossFit box had a spring fling party that afternoon to celebrate the end of Paleo, the end of the Opens, and the finish of the race.  They announced the Paleo winners and the girl was none other than my sister! Her pre and post pictures were dramatically different.  I could also see a difference in my pictures, but my afters were still disgusting.

Have you ever run a mud run/warrior dash?  Would you ever?
I love them.  It's more like playing outside instead of running.  I also love trail running and should do it more often.


  1. CONGRATS on finishing your Paleo challenge!

    And I have never run the warrior dash, but it sounds like a blast!

    1. They are doing a Warrior Dash in Baton Rouge in the fall. You should look into it!