Thursday, June 7, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday, Er, I Mean Thursday (Summer Edition)

This post was meant for yesterday, but I was having trouble with my computer.  Hence the lack of pictures on this post. :(

1. Summertime!

I've said it before, but I just feel more like myself this time of year.  There are so many outdoor festivals and events going on and I love it!

2. Air conditioning

As much as I love summer,!!!  Already.  And it's only the beginning of June. I'm so thankful I have a home and a car with working a/c.

3. Popsicles

Another great way to beat the heat.  I've even started a Pintrest board (Click the link to the right to follow me!) devoted to the icy treats. My latest obsession is making my own, rather than buying the corn syrup laden grocery store versions.  I'll share some recipes soon.

3. Half Marathon training officially begins July 23 (aka the hottest part of the year).

My plan is to acclimate to the heat (which shouldn't be hard since they refuse to turn on the a/c in our CrossFit box) and run early in the mornings, before the sun is up.  All my workouts from July 23 to October 13 are scheduled and written out in my day planner.

4. Mini vacations

I went to Galveston for a long weekend at the end of May.  This weekend, I'm going to New Orleans.  I've got a trip planned to a resort on Lake Conroe at the beginning of August.  Then, I'll be going back to New Orleans for Red Dress Run.  At some point, I'm trying to make it to the Guadeloupe River for tubing. And I'd like to visit Clear Lake/Kemah/Houston/back to Galveston to see my bestie and his dog Saxby.

5. Pool days

Sunday, I layed by the pool and on a float in the pool all afternoon.  It was glorious.  I wish it was my job.  If anyone hears of a job opening for professional pool floater, please let me know.  I am highly qualified.

6. Garden fresh veggies

They are here!  Dad sent me home with fresh cucumbers and squash.  Now I'm just waiting for those tomatoes to get ripe enough to pick.  Yum.  They make getting my recommended daily servings of veggies a whole lot easier.

What are you loving?
What is your favorite season? Mine is summer, obviously.
Any vacays planned for the summer?


  1. Popsicle-making equipment is totally on my shopping list! I have a feeling they are going to be a summer staple for me--and with coconut milk they will be easy to make paleo-friendly--YAY!

    I am also completely in love with the summer produce--I cannot get enough strawberries and kale right now. It is all so yummy!

    1. They had the popsicle molds in the dollar section at Target! I'm with you on the coconut milk thing. A lot of recipes call for greek yogurt, but I'll just sub the coconut milk.

  2. CANNOT WAIT FOR RED DRESS RUN!!!!!! Haha. You have me so excited!! If possible, we have to meet up!

    ... oh, and air conditioning in the heat we've been having ... yes, one of my favorites too!

    1. Yes!!! We will have to meet up! Have you ever done Dirty Linen Nights on Royal St? It's the same night as Red Dress Run, but if history repeats itself, I won't make it out to do anything that night.