Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Personal Records

I have set PR's twice in one week!

Friday, I broke my 45# overhead squat PR by 20#!!!  Yes, I can lift 65# right over my head and squat with it.  5 times!  Overhead squats are such a challenge for me, because my upper body strength does not match my lower body strength.  My shoulders and arms give out, limiting my load.  Usually, one arm/shoulder gives out first, so the bar is all wonky and lopsided.  Friday, I really concentrated on locking out my shoulders and arms and maintaining that position through the squat.  I guess it worked!

This morning, I back squatted 155#.  That is 10# more than my old PR!  A 165# attempt was a fail, then I failed at 155# the second go round. If I hadn't been rushed, I feel like I was strong enough for the 165#, but it was pushing 6:30 AM and I had to go home to shower before work.

Max weight WODs at CrossFit don't alwasy feel like as intense or good of a workout as AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) or timed WODs.  For this reason, I used to hate them, but my heart rate monitor always shows as much calorie burn on max weight WODs as AMRAP or timed WODs.  Plus, max weight WODs are a good way to track progress and work on form.

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Do you ever lift to your max?  Or do you prefer to use a weight with which you can complete a lot of reps?  How do you decide how much weight to use?


  1. ive only done one 1RM at crossfit since starting - and that was a backsquat - 65kg (143 pounds). :) I love the feeling that 1RM can bring, and stregth building before a WOD. One of my fave stregth session was a deadlift one doing 3 sets 3 reps @ 80kg! (176 pounds) :)