Monday, June 4, 2012

Here We Go, Again

Ever since the Paleo challenge, I have had some trouble getting back on track.  Easter came, and with it, lots of candy.  Then, warmer weather brought on many afternoons of patio beer drinking and lots less running. Also, I ended up taking an entire week off exercise with my toe injury then vacation. These are the reasons my shorts are too tight!

Last weekend, a friend who just had a baby 3 months ago and is still carrying some baby weight stated she and her husband were going to have a little competition with each other to see who could lose the most weight.  I begged her to let me in on the deal.  So now 6 of us have put up $25 each to participate in the Durio (my friend's last name) Biggest Loser Challenge.  It started June 1 (although, I chose to start after the weekend) and ends August 3.  Whoever loses the most percentage of their bodyweight wins the kitty of $150.

I weighed in yesterday and was dis.gust.ed.  Usually, I stay away from the scale because it's not a good indicator of health or body composition.  It was a wake up call to how bad things have gotten, and now I'm more determined than ever to get back on track.

My plan is to exercise as many days as possible (CrossFit and running) and to get back to a Paleo diet with one cheat per week. No more beer after work. No more late night snacking when I get home. The only problem is I'm going to New Orleans this weekend, and New Orleans and dieting are like oil and water!  At least I usually end up walking a million miles when I'm there.

Wish me luck! Although, luck has nothing to do with winning this challenge.  It's going to take hard work and discipline to win.

Have you and your friends ever created any type of challenge/bet?
When you "diet", do you restrict yourself to a specific cheat day/meal or do you just allow yourself a treat when you are really craving it?


  1. I don't usually "diet" - but i've recently started a 'clean eating' meal plan and have found Im feeling so much better for it - if I'm only loosing a little weight. Im choosing better meals, less sugary stuff and feeling amazing!

    1. Good for you! It definitely has to be a lifestyle change. I am all for not "dieting", but eating whole, clean foods. Of course their is always room for occasional cheats, but my occasional cheats have come way too often lately. Oops!

  2. I totally hear that! I was doing so good at eating healthy, Paleo foods...and then summer started and lots of get-togethers and traveling happened, and eating the wrong foods was just too easy.

    Good luck with your weight loss challenge!

    1. Thanks, Darcy. Week 1 has gone well, and I even resisted against ice cream last night!