Monday, May 21, 2012

I'm on the DL (Disabled List, not Down Low)

Friday I skipped out of work an hour early so I could tackle my to do list, which included this CrossFit WOD, mowing grass, grocery shopping, and baking cookies for a friend's graduation party on Saturday.  After CrossFit and grass cutting, I was disgusting, so I quickly showered and headed to the Sam's with wet hair and no make up.  The whole time I prayed I wouldn't run into anyone I knew.  Do you ever go to the grocery store or run errands sans makeup?  I often go post workout sweaty, but try to at least have dry hair. 

Saturday morning I had committed to a walk for March of Dimes. It started at 9:00 and I knew if I didn't get a workout in prior to the walk, it wasn't going to happen.  So, I ran to the start (about 3 miles) and then participated in the 2.5 mile walk. 

After the walk, my weekend obligations were over and it was time for fun.  Next on my agenda was Louisiana Beer Fest!  This was my first year to attend.  It wasn't quite what I expected, but oh so much fun (I mean, when is day drinking not fun?!?).  My assumption was that vendors from each brewery would have booths set up and we would meander from booth to booth sampling.  The set up was more of just lots of different beers brought by the organizers of the event with volunteers pouring them, therefore, they were not familiar or educated about the beers.  When we walked in, they gave us a tiny 2 oz. sampling glass and I thought Really?  This is all they are going to give us?  After we worked our way 1/8th of the way around the room, I was thankful all we had was a tiny glass.  Initially I planned on trying every single beer, but there was no way it was possible, so I started skipping all dark beers.  Some beers were delicious, some were awful, some were interesting.  To be honest, I don't remember specifics except for Ghost Face Killah, which was so spicy and peppery hot
and a beer brewed with oysters, which tasted like iron.  My love for IPAs was reaffirmed, because I enjoyed almost everyone I tasted. The festival lasted from noon to 5:00 PM.  We arrived around 12:30 and before we knew it, they were making last call, and we weren't even all the way around the booths!

Post beer tasting, we headed to my friend's graduation party, then to my godson's house where the post party was taking place, then to drink some Seersuckers and Blanton's bourbon, then to OB's.  When I finally got home at a very, very late hour, I somehow managed to drop a can of paint in the garage on my foot.  My left big toe is in pain, purple, and swollen.  I haven't been able to wear shoes for 2 days and have no idea how I'm going to CrossFit or run!

After a day like Saturday, I was pretty useless Sunday.  I slept late (8:00 AM is VERY late for me), did some laundry, and went to my parents for lunch. After stuffing myself with ribs and chocolate yummy, mom and I did a little shopping while dad napped.  I bought these shorts
but I purchased them at Marshall's for $20 - source
and another pair of mint green shorts from Marshall's for $15.  I also bought this dress

and these sunglasses from American Eagle. 

They fold up into a tiny little thing! Perfect for a clutch and so fun for summer! - source
Don't judge me! I know 27 year olds shouldn't shop at American Eagle, but I am powerless when it comes to eyelet lace.  Besides, they actually have really cute, not too tiny things right now.

My Sunday evening was rounded out with finishing my laundry, eating White Chocolate Wonderful from the jar, and watching the Kardashians premiere.  I definitely had time and intentions of fitting in a workout, but my toe hurt!  I've heard of baseball players being put on the disabled list because of a hang nail or hurt toe and always thought it was silly, but now I understand.

Why can't the weekend go on forever?!?  At least it's only a 4 day work week for me!

What did you do this weekend?  Is there any store you feel too old to shop in?  I feel very old in AE and Forever 21, but I shop there anyway.


  1. Ok, so much I want to say!

    1) I hate running to stores when I feel like a mess. That's always when I, envitably, run into someone!

    2) Love the shorts!

    3) I always forget about stores like Marshall's & TJ Maxx! Everyone always gets such great deals & for some reason I always forget they exist.

    4) I definitely feel too old to shop in Abercrombie, & Hollister. I figure if my high school students wear it, I shouldn't!

    1. Agree about Abercrombie & Hollister! They are much younger than Forever 21 and AE.