Friday, May 11, 2012

The Friday Five

1. What I'm Reading: Catch 22

I started it a while back, then took a hiatus to read the Hunger Games Trilogy and some other books, now I'm attempting to finish.  I'm hoping it gets better.

2. What I'm Eating: Pork.

I used to despise pork, but lately, I'm loving it.  Sunday my dad grilled pork ribs and I stuffed myself full of them.  Then, I bought a pork loin on sale at Albertsons.  While trimming the fat, I sort of demolished it (I'm no butcher) and ended up with two hunks of loin and some "steaks".  I grilled the "steaks" and man, where they delicious. 

Who knows, I may even end up loving bacon!?

3. What I'm Drinking: Cucumber Vodka.  Square One Organic Cucumber Vodka, to be exact.  Say hello to my new best friend.

I'm sure you have all seen the birthday cake, whipped cream, orange, banana, king cake, etc flavored vodkas.  Well, I was introduced to cucumber vodka.  I LOVE cucumbers!  It was fresh and natural tasting.  After sampling a shot, I had the bartender (my friend Jess) make a drink with the cucumber vodka, muddled mint, lime, and club soda.  I am so in love! It is really, really close behind a mint julep as my favorite summer drink.  We agreed the drink should be named after me, but haven't come up with anything just yet.  The name should reflect the freshness, crispness, and summeriness (word?) of the drink.

4. What I'm Watching: Impractical Jokers on Tru TV

Hilarious.  Every episode I watch makes me belly laugh, out loud, alone in my living room. Here is Wikipedia's explanation of the show:

5. What I'm Pinning:

Happy Friday!  In 8 hours, fix yourself a cucumber vodka, muddled mint, lime, and club soda and enjoy the weekend!

What are you reading? Eating? Drinking? Watching? Pinning?
Help me name "my" drink!  What should I call it?  So far all I can think of is "the Seersucker", which is kind of perfect. 


  1. I'm intrigued by the cucumber vodka! I love cucumbers, so I'm sure I'd like the flavor.

    Oh, & I love the idea of naming it the Seersucker!

    Have a great weeekend!

    1. It's officially named the Seersucker! Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. fun post! I'm pinning way too many summer recipes- ready for warm weather!

    1. It's getting warm really fast here. And I'm craving crispy, fresh vegetables.