Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Five

What I am Reading: More Magazines

Yes, it's the February issue.  My sister brings me a copy of her subscription when she is done, but hoarded Feb. and brought me March first.
Again, it's the February issue.  Same as Bon Appetit...I read March last week.

Along with some local publications.  Of special interest this month, Lagniappe's feature story was on the bars of southwest Lousiana.  A reporter visited many bars in the area and wrote a synopsis of each.  How do I get that job?

And  Catch-22 by Joseph Heller.

I'm only a couple of chapters into this book.  I honestly have no idea what it is about, only that it is a classic and a friend recommended I read it (although, he has led me astray on his last 2 recommendations). 

So far, it is really funny in a wierd, quirky way.  The characters are quite eccentric.  If I could only stay awake to read more of it!

What I am Listening To: my Baton Rouge Beach Half Marathon Playlist.

On yesterday's run, I repeated Super Bass about 5 times.  I'm addicted!

Non-running wise, I've been jamming Van Morrison (my all time favorite),

 Joe Purdy,

 and the Wood Brothers.

What I am Watching: the weather

It's going to be a wet weekend in southwest Louisiana, which is not good if you have 2 runs and a crawfish boil scheduled.  

It looks like my Saturday morning run will be dry, but my Sunday run and crawfish boil may be soggy.  If it's raining too heavy, I may swap my run for some burpees indoors.

What I am Eating: pulled pork

I made pulled pork for the first time on Saturday/Sunday/Monday (it's a long process) to bring to 2 of my friends who had babies last week.  Since I made a ton (seriously, it was 14 pounds of pork shoulder), I kept a little for myself and have been eating it pretty much all week.  Yum! It was worth all the work. Plus, I made a Paleo BBQ sauce to go with it!

I used this recipe for the pork (with a few modifications to make it Paleo) and this recipe for the BBQ sauce.

What I am Pinning Googling: Things to do/places to eat in Austin, TX

After the Blue Bell Fun Run, we are going to drive on to Austin for the night.  I've been to the capitol city of Texas a few times, but feel like I didn't get to explore enough. 

Last time I was there, we perused the South Congress area.  It was a really cool neighborhood with vintage shops, food trucks, and a hipster vibe.  At night, we went out on West 6th Street (it's an older crowd than the other side of 6th st).
source - We ate here. It was good, not spectacular.

source - Had dessert here .  Carrot cake cupcake was divine!
source - And peed here.  The decor here was unreal! I love all things nautical/coastal and their design fit the bill in a very classy and modern way. (Think oyster chandeliers , mother of pearl everywhere, and seafoam green nautical striped upholstery.)  This place is even cool enough for Anthony Bourdain.  I would love to eat here, but it is a bit pricey!

This time, I'll be with my sister, my mom, and my grandma.  I'd love to tour the capitol area, see the Lady Bird Johnson wildflower garden (since the bluebonnets will be blooming!), observe the bats taking flight off Congress Bridge, and watch the sunset at the Oasis (made famous by the Garth Brook's song "Friends in Low Places".)  Not to mention, the flagship Whole Foods is downtown and I heard it is HUGE!

All y'all that have been to Austin, give me tips and suggestions!  Is the Oasis worth the drive and the wait?  Any must see or dos?

Bonus #6 on the Friday Five...

What I Plan to Cook this Weekend:

Since it will raining all weekend and I will be stuck in the house, I am going to make the most of it and spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  Some things I am going to attempt: 

Paleo pancakes,
source & recipe
Paleo pizza,
source & recipe

Paleo candy or a Paleo fruit crumble of somekind, Paleo fish cakes,

source & recipe

and very non-Paleo chocolate chip cookies to bring to the crawfish boil. 

What  reading, watching, listening to, eating, googling, and cooking?


  1. PALEO BBQ sauce!!! Oh my gosh--you just made my day! I am totally making some of that--ASAP!

    Whenever I see that cover of the Food Network magazine my mouth waters---oh chocolate!

    I have never read Catch-22. I have always meant to but never actually done it. Right now I am on a memoir/non-fiction kick. Anything and everything Anne Lamott and Joan Didion. I am hoping to return to fiction one of these days!

    1. The BBQ sauce was awesome but a little spicy. I like spicy so was okay with it.

  2. oooh I get food network magazine and loved that edition!

    1. It's my favorite food magazine! I feel like its more for the everyday cook than Bon Appetit.