Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1. Julienne Peeler


I have been wanting one and finally broke down and spent the $9.99 at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  I'!  Cucumber "noodles" and squash "noodles" have been made.  (Complete recipes will be posted soon!)  An attempt at bell pepper "noodles" deemed unsuccesful.  Next on my list is sweet potato noodles.  What else can I julienne?!?

2. Library Elf and Other Online Library Services

Why pay $9.99 for a book when my tax dollars provide me with all the books I could ever borrow?  And since I can browse the entire parish's card catalog online and place a hold on books, I don't even have to waste time perusing the shelves.  My new best friend, the Library Elf, texts me when my on hold books are ready for pickup.  He is also kind enough to remind me when books are due, saving me from $0.25 a day in late fees.

Also, enitre library CD catalog can now be downloaded from their website in MP3 version.  There is a maximum of 10 songs per week, but I was able to download an entire Wood Brothers album.  Free music=win!

Reading the blog daily is a constant source of inspiration, running tips, and recipes. Just yesterday morning, I used this recipe  to make baked eggs in whole roasted tomatoes.  Yum!  
I tried to put 2 eggs in my tomato, but they didn't fit. 

Can we please start Sunday Runday in Lake Charles?  I'll bring the watermelon!

4.  This dress I bought from Target.


I wore it for church Sunday and again to work on Monday.  Yes, two days in a row and I'm not ashamed.  It is so comfortable and bright!  At first I was unsure about the high low trend, but now I'm on board.

5. Eggplant are finally in! 

Babaganoush is on the menu.  It will make a great poolside snack with fresh veggies for dipping.

6.  You!  Thanks for reading my little ol' blog!  

How do you feel about the high-low skirt trend?  What else can I julienne? I'm obsesssed!  What are you loving?


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    1. Thanks! I got a couple of comments on how bright it was when I wore it, but I think bright is great for summer.

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    1. Thanks! Target is full of cute stuff right now!