Monday, July 2, 2012

Incomplete Weekend To Do List

My weekend to do list of 5 million things did not have many scratch throughs.  Although, I did get more accomplished than last weekend aka the weekend of "yes". 

Friday night I picked up an extra shift at work, then went home and crashed.

Saturday morning my bestie and I met at the park for a really hot, quick 2 mile run.  Then, I hit up the 9:30 CrossFit class which was a skill day.  We worked on a lot of core movements (arch rocks, hollow rocks, tucks) and ring stuff (inverted hangs, false grip, and holds).  After all that, we did 100 wall squats and 200 double unders for form, not time.  My calves are so sore from those double unders!

While at CrossFit, my mom had left me a message saying she was at Dillards and they had an extra 30% off all the sale stuff.  I was a sweaty mess, but cannot miss a deal, so my stinky butt went to Dillards.  I bought a couple of dresses and a few shirts.  (I have to take one of the dresses back.  I was so stinky and sweaty that I refused to try it on in the store.  When I put it on at home, it was hideous!)

Eventually, after a trip to Sam's and scarfing down a huge salad, I took a much needed shower. Another trip to the grocery store later, I made guacamole deviled eggs and watermelon margaritas to bring to a barbeque.  The margaritas were a little bit too strong this time around and we didn't even finish one of the 3 pitchers I brought. Needless to say, we ended up at a bar and the night got a little crazy.

Sunday was the usual: lunch at mom and dad's.  The evening was spent doing laundry, poisoning the weeds in my flower beds, cooking for the week (2 new recipes to come!), and watching Contraband.  Oh how I love Mark Walberg.  He is my ultimate celebrity crush!

Things still on my to-do list: clean my bathroom, create a recipage for this blog, return books to the library and get new ones (I'm now overdue 2 days!), make popsicles, replace the flowers in the pots on my front porch.

But this week's schedule is not nearly as crazy as last week, so maybe I'll find the time to get these things done.  Also, since Wednesday is a work holiday, I'm considering using vacation days Thursday and Friday to make for an extra long holiday weekend.

Workout plan for the week:
Monday- 3 mile run   slept through my opportunity :(
Tuesday- 5:30 AM CrossFit
Wednesday- 4 miler on the 4th! 
Thursday- SeeFit: Road2theCure mini competition at CrossFit
Friday- 5:30 PM CrossFit (and maybe stand up paddle boarding if I take off work?!)
Saturday- 3 mile run + CrossFit or 5 mile run
Sunday- 3 mile run

Who is your ultimate celebrity crush?  Did you do anything fun and crazy this weekend?

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