Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smiles From the Running Gods

I slept through run #1 of my half marathon training schedule on Monday morning.  It was supposed to be a short 2 miles before work, but due to my disrupted sleep this weekend (My lack of electricity, thanks to rogue thunderstorms, made me a nomad Friday and Saturday night.  Luckily, I have gracious friends who let me shack at their places.), it didn't happen.

Luckily for me, this was my CrossFit WOD this morning.  With the 800m warm up and the 6x400 m sprints, I completed 2 miles exactly.  Coincidence?  Maybe. I'll take it as a good sign!  I was worried about starting training off on the wrong foot by missing my first run, but the running Gods were smiling down on me and made sure I fit it in.

Here is what my training schedule leading up to the half looks like for now.  As things come up, I will adjust accordingly.

 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFriday SaturdaySundaytotal mileage
July 23-292 milesCF2.5 milesCFrest or CF3 miles + CF30 minute easy run7.5 + 30 minutes
July 30-Aug 52 milesCF3 milesCF rest4 miles (Houston)30 minute easy run (Houston)9 + 30 minutes
Aug 6-122.5 milesCFrest3 miles/CF5 milesrest (New Orleans)30 minute easy run (NO)10.5 + 30 minutes
Aug 13-193 miles (NO)CFrest4 miles/CFrest or CF6 miles30 minute easy run13 + 30 minutes
Aug 20-263 milesCFrest3 miles/CFrest7 miles30 minute easy run13 + 30 minutes
Aug 27-Sep 24 milesCFrest4 miles/CFrest8 miles30 minute easy run16 + 30 minutes
Sep 3-94 milesCFrest4 miles/CFrest9 miles30 minute easy run17 + 30 minutes
Sept 10-164 milesCFrest3 miles/CFrest10 miles30 minute easy run17 + 30 minutes
Sept 17-235 milesCFrest4 miles/CFrest11 miles30 minute easy run20 + 30 minutes
Sept 24-304 milesCFrest3 miles/CFrest12 miles30 minute easy run19 + 30 minutes
Oct 1-73 milesCFrestCFrest5 miles30 minute easy run8 + 30 minutes
Oct 8-14restCF2 miles20 minute runrest20 minute runRACE DAY!15.1 + 40 minutes

Do you plan out a detailed work out schedule?

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