Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

- Air conditioning
My brief stint without electricity this weekend led me to appreciate the great invention known as air conditioning.  How did people survive in humid south Louisiana before it?  The rain has stopped, the sun is shining, and it is HOTTTT.  Thanks to my little friend, AC, I have no desire to be outdoors, which is rare for me. 

(A friend who lives out of town and I often use analogies to express our lonsomeness for one another.  I once signed a card "I miss you like air conditioning after Hurricane Rita." Rita left us without electricity for over 4 weeks; albeit, 2 of those weeks I was at a friend's lake house in Texas wake boarding, laying out, and partying.)

- Having a 5:30 AM workout buddy
Undoubtably, I would sleep through Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 AM CrossFit classes if my sister was not there waiting for me.  She would give me hell, in a loving sisterly way, if I did not show up.  Also, I would not be able to fit in a workout at all on Tuesdays, due to my crazy afternoon schedule. 

Here is how every Tuesday and Thursday morning goes: my alarm goes off at 5:00, I groan, consider not going, and hit snooze.  At 5:10, I think about how Sarah is already on her way there so I have to show face.  I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, throw on shorts and a tee, check the WOD while putting on my socks and sneaks, and drive to the box.  I stumble in, still groggy and half asleep.  By the time the warm up is over, I'm more awake.  By the time the workout is over, I'm so happy I went.  Now time to start my day!

- Garden fresh tomato, avocado, and turkey bacon
I've never really understood the whole BLT thing because I don't like bacon. Now I get it.  Except I'll skip the "real" bacon, use my turkey bacon, and add avocado.  Oh, and skip the bread.  Maybe add some eggs?  These things go together better than PB & J!

- How close I am to acheiving my July CrossFit goal of kicking into a handstand against the wall!
source (so appropriate since I actually have to kick into a handstand)
This may seem like a small feat, but I'm no gymnast and have never even been able to do a kart wheel.  I'm less than half a foot from reaching the wall.  I think it's only fear of kicking over my head holding me back!  6 days to make it happen.

What are you loving lately? 
Bacon or turkey bacon?
Morning workout or afternoon/evening workout?


  1. Hello! This comment is lame and unrelated.. :-) I just wanted to say HI! I found your blog, I love your blog, and I will now be visiting your blog on the daily!

  2. yes, air conditioning is quite the luxury in the dead of summer, huh?! :)