Thursday, July 26, 2012


Guess who has 2 thumbs and reached her July CrossFit goal this morning?

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source (so I'm not going to lie...kicking into a handstand didn't really hurt.  It was more of a mental victory than a physical victory, but still a victory!!!!)
Just yesterday I posted how close I was to accomplishing a handstand.  Well, this morning after our warm up was goal work time.  I got into position, hands over my head, then touched them to the ground while kicking off.  I felt myself hit the wall. Shrill screams of excitement followed.  Everyone thought I had broken my skull except my coach, Megan, who was standing right next to me.  She saw my handstand in all its wobbly, crooked, less than 2 seconds glory. High fives and hugs ensued. 

So I tried again. And failed.  And again.  And failed.  And again.  And failed....  

But that is okay.  My goal wasn't to do 2 consecutive handstands, it was to do one.  It was by no means perfect, but its only July 26.  I have 5 days to work out the kinks. :)

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After kicking into a handstand, we did this WOD

Oh, and my sister accomplished her July goal of completing a workout with only one pull up band.  Congrats, Sarah!

What an awesome start to the day!

Now I need to set an August goal and get to work.  Maybe a 1 minute handstand hold?  Who knows, maybe by the end of the year I'll be able to do handstand push ups. 
Motivational Quote - Set goals. Reach goals. Make new goals. Repeat.

Do you set goals regularly? 
This is something we just started at CrossFit and I'm loving it! Obviously, it's helping me progress.

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