Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Update

Friday night after this WOD, I went to meet my sister and some co-workers for happy hour.  Since it was a super quick work out and I wasn't soaking wet, I decided just to change shirts and head straight to the bar in my tempos, sweat band, and sports bra.  Let me explain a little something about this bar: it attracts quite the college crowd on Fridays come 10 PM.  Since I arrived for a drink or two at 6:30, I figured I'd be home, showered, and in bed by the time 10:00 rolled around.  Wrong.  At 11:30 I looked up and realized there was a sea of co-eds dressed for the club all around me.  Here my old ass was with no make up, dried sweat, and sneakers.  Of course I ran into people I know.  I mumbled something about coming straight from the gym and made a b-line for the door.  A Taco Bell run was in order for me, the roomie, and my sis, which was the biggest mistake of the night. 

The Taco Bell sat like lead in my tummy and made me so nauseous Saturday morning.  I thought a walk would help it digest, so I leashed Lola up and we strolled for 4 miles while I listened to two podcast.  One about Garden & Gun magazine (my favorite magazine!) and one about whether or not men and women can be just friends (The answer was no and it is men's fault.)  The rest of the day, I was on the couch.

My bestie, Seth, came in from Houston, so we ate dinner at El Tapitio, the tastiest but jankiest Mexican restaurant in town.  We followed dinner with drinks.  This guy is so funny.  He had me laughing all night long.  I always love our visits. 

Sunday was the usual lunch at my parents.  We had fried fish, fish courtbullion, and lots of garden veggies.  My aunt and grandma were in town, so it was nice catch up with them.

After lunch was the grocery store and food prep for the week.  It was a grilling kind of Sunday and ribeyes were on sale for $3.99 per pound, so I bought a couple. While I was getting a marinade ready for some chicken and pork kabobs a friend called and mentioned something about me cooking him a steak.  Quite the coincidence I had two steaks I was about to grill; I invited him over.  The automatic starter on my grill wasn't working, so I lit a match and threw it in.  Explosion.  A scream.  The smell of burnt hair.  Before I could get inside, my friend was blocking the door.  I looked at his face to see if his expression gave any clue as to if I had eye brows left. It didn't.  I pushed him and ran to the bathroom.  Everything looked fairly normal.  Just a few hair around my face had singed.  Thank God my hair was in a bun and pulled off my face.

As if that wasn't enough excitement, upon realizing there was the end of a squash in the vegetable basket on the grill, my friend fed it to Lola.  Three seconds later she was heaving and vomited about 50 pounds of food.  A whole sweet potato, chunks of cabbage, chicken...none of it was digested.  She had obviously found the "scrap pile" at my parent's house and gorged herself.  So I had to shovel it out of the yard and off of the patio and rinse everything off.  Not exactly appetizing right before dinner.  This is the point in the night where I poured myself a drink.  A whiskey drink.

Dinner was good and the company better. Plus, due to the setting myself on fire and dog vomit cleaning, my friend ended up cooking all my food for the week.  I have grilled peppers, squash, eggplant, chicken kabobs, pork kabobs, and half a steak leftover.  

My eating was abysmal and my exercise non-existent this weekend.  I have a vacation in less than a month and need to get back on track!

Workouts for the Week:
Tuesday-AM CrossFit
Wednesday- AM 3 mile run + tabata
Thursday-AM CrossFit
Saturday-run or CrossFit
Sunday-run or bleachers

Oh and for 2 nights in a row I've dreamed I was on vacation out of the country and my luggage was stolen or lost.  I don't have any vacations planned in the near future.  What does this mean?!?!

Have you ever "gone out" in gym clothes?  
Do you like Mexican food? It's my favorite.
Are you a grill master? Obviously, I am not.


  1. I had Taco Bell this weekend, too & had the same reaction! I can't remember the last time I ate at Taco Bell before this weekend but I do remember WHY it's been so long. Ah, oh well. Two soft shell taco supremes aren't going to kill me.

    1. It always seems like such a grand idea at the time, but I always regret it! You would think I'd learn that it's just not worth it.