Friday, November 18, 2011

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Cooking whole birds can be intimidating. 

I'm comfortable pot roasting whole ducks.

I'm also comfortable with cooking whole chicken in a gumbo.  (It's a pretty simple process of throwing the whole bird in a vat of boiling water.  Those of you who have never made gumbo should really try because its easy, cheap, yummy, and will feed masses of people.)

I am uncomfortable with any other attempt at cooking an animal whole.

But for some reason, I really, really, really wanted to try this recipe I saw in Southern Living.

Chicken Under a Skillet Recipe
Obviously, this is the Southern Living picture of the recipe, not my own.

So I gave it a go.


This chicken turned out sooo good, and was much more simple to prepare than it seemed.
And cheap!  A whole chicken is less than $5.oo and will serve at least 6.  (Or in my case, it will serve one single lady 6 times.) 

During the "skillet portion" of the recipe, all the fat is rendered out.  The skin of the breast becomes almost blackened and melts into the meat.

Some may argue that you can purchase a rotisserie chicken in a grocery store already cooked for the same price as an uncooked chicken, but trust me.  The rotisserie chicken ain't got nothing on this! 

Try it.  Right now.  Fire up your grills.  Go!  I demand you!

Not really.  But I do demand you have a great weekend!

On my weekend agenda: the last of my long, long runs - 12 miles, an 80's party, finishing my book, a little bit of crafting, a lot of laundry, and spending time with my family & my Lola.

What is on your weekend agenda? 
Do you have a fear of cooking animals whole?