Hi.  I’m Rebecca.  By day I am a chemical engineering student and by night I am, well, a runner, a wannabe foodie, a reader, a CrossFitter, a mother to Lola (a very sweet, timid, and hilarious chocolate lab), a shopaholic, a bourbon lover, and a single 20 something.

My life is a constant strife for balance between work and play.  I want it all!  I want to be successful at school, develop a career, hit the gym, grocery shop, cook dinner, train for races, play with Lola, spend time with family, hang out with friends, travel, have a clean house, craft a little, keep my yard looking neat, read countless books, try new things, support local arts and events, keep my sanity and look stylish while I’m doing it all.

It’s totally possible. 

And this blog will prove it. 

Why I Started This Blog