Monday, March 11, 2013

Off to the Races

I've mentioned the dragon boat races a couple of times. So here is the deal....

It's a fundraiser for our local Children's Miracle Network hospital.  Businesses are asked to donate by buying an entry into the race.  Teams are made up of 20 paddlers and a drummer.  A total of 30 teams/boats are participating.


CITGO purchased a boat, and so every employee would have an equal opportunity, held tryouts to determine the team.  Since 10 girls attended the try out and the rules require you have at least 8 with 2 alternates, I was a shoe in.  

The try out was no joke.  Girls version: chin up hang for time, 800 m run for time, 25 sit ups-15 push ups - 10 burpees for time, 100 m sprint for time. Guys version: max pull ups unbroken, 800 m run, 25 sit ups - 20 push ups - 15 inverted push ups -10 burpees, 100 m sprint. 

Even though I knew I made the team before I started try outs, the CrossFit label was hanging on my back.  I couldn't disappoint!  

My scores wouldn't have shamed by box. 

The official CITGO dragon boat team roster was released today, and I'm excited about our team.  Practicing  twice a week (during the open!) is going stir up my workout schedule, but a change of pace may be nice. 

The team captains are SERIOUS about this competition.  They have been researching strategy for paddling practice.  (team workouts on Mondays and strategy/paddling practice on Saturdays) We aren't able to use the boat until the day before, so I have no clue how we will practice or what to expect. 

Team CITGO for the win!

Have you ever participated on a work sports team?
Have you ever participated in, watched, or heard of dragon boat racing? If so, fill me in!

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