Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Am Cookie Monster

Yesterday after work, I went on a hunt for a cheap chest of drawers to house all my beloved clothes that are now in neatly organized piles on my floor.  This adventure took my to the likes of Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Bargain World.  I did not find a chest of drawers, but I did find the treasures seen below. 

Being that I had been on Pintrest the better part of the day looking at a smorgasbord of DIY projects, I was feeling very crafty.  My Pintrest overload led to the following purchases:

Polyester pleated skirt - Goodwill, $0.99; I am OBSESSED with pleats and I already have a bijllion outfits planned with the skirt for fall. 

Clear plates - Salvation Army, 8 for $3; I like to make Christmas gifts rather than buy.  One year I made aprons, which was a hit.  This year, I have a great idea but I can't share it just yet in case any of my giftees are reading this!  The only hint is these plates will be used.

Silver plate - Goodwill, $0.99; Same as clear plates. It will be used for my Christmas craft.

White hobnail vase - Bargain World, $0.89; Again, Christmas craft.

Cookie Sheets - Bargain World, $0.89 each; Repurposed into magnet boards! Use spray glue to adhere fabric and you have adorable magnetic boards.   


I am using one for the endless invitations I recieve, along with various other random things.

Yes, that is me in 8th grade at a 98 degrees concert with my 2 best friends. I am proud to say they are still 2 of my best friends.  I guess if they stuck with my through that haircut, they will stick with me until the end.
And I am using the other as an inspiration/idea board.

1 yard Seaform Green fabric & 1 yard seersucker fabric - Bargain World, $1.79 each; my favorite purchase of the day.  I will show you what I did with this after tonight!

Turquoise necklace - JC Penny, $2.18.  I had a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon I needed to use, and this $24 necklace was on sale for half off.  And I needed necklace 5,453 to add to my "collection".

You would expect a single 26 year to be out having cocktails and mingling on a Friday night.  Nope.  Not this girl.  I spent my Friday night crafting, baking, and reading. 


I baked cookies for a friend who helped me out with some things during my move and also, just moved himself into his beautiful, brand spanking new, custom built home.  It was a "thank you"/"congrats".  Unfortunately, I ate 5 cookies when I finished baking.  Five. FIVE! and 2 glasses of milk!  Holy binge, batman.  What was I thinking?


I had already planned on a run this morning, so as soon as I got up, I laced up my Asics and headed out the door. Every time my foot hit the pavement I thought, "cookies. cookies. cookies." 

I had my running route planned.  Well, as I was about half way through my run, I looked ahead to see the "bridge"on Ryan St. over the bayou was out.  This mentally threw me off.  I looked for a way around.  Through the parking lot? No.  Through the grass? No.  The only way past was through the massive ditch they call a bayou.  Staying on route was not worth spraining an ankle.

So, I turned around.  Ugh.  Time for a new game plan.  I back tracked a block, went up through a neighborhood and got back on route. 

The last mile was tough.  I told myself, "You will make it through this song, plus 2 more, then you can quit."  I made it through the songs and was less than a half a mile to my house.  Then I bargained, "Make it to the speed limit sign, then you can quit."  I made it to the speed limit sign and was still living, so one last bargain with myself, "Make it to your road and over the railroad tracks and you can quit."  I made it!  4.3 miles! 

My reward, a delicious breakfast of plain greek yogurt, strawberries, a touch of honey, and a sprinkle of Kashi Go Lean cereal. 


I plan to spend the rest of the day poolside with my Lola girl!  Tonight - Arts & Crabs Festival with Pamela and Alicia.  Can't wait!

Do you ever bargain with yourself while running?  Is it, "Make it to the next bench/lightpole/stop sign" or more like, "If you finish, you get a piece of cake/5 cookies/a beer/any other reward."?

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