Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lots of Painting, But Definitely Not the Town Red

A recap of my crazy, busy weekend:

  • breakfast-oatmeal & yogurt with apples
  • moved (dad & sis helped!)
  • lunch-salad at Subway (my treat to sis & dad for helping me move. I know, I'm such a big spender!)
  • painted
  • dinner-2 bowls of Raisin Bran
  • slept

  • breakfast - oatmeal & yogurt with apples
  • painted (with the help of my mom)
  • fruit stand to buy peaches...Fail. No peaches.
  • lunch-picnic at the new house of tuna sandwiches
  • painted

    my room before
    my room after
    my bathroom before
    my bathroom after kiltz...still not done!

  • unpacked a few kitchen items
  • dinner-roast pork loin, rice & gravy, green beans, squash, mudslides, 2 bowls of cake & ice cream.  Yay for cheat night!
  • slept

  • breakfast - "Elvis" oatmeal: Cooked oats, a scoop of peanut butter, cocoa powder, and a half a banana
  • drove to the end of the Earth. Took a left instead of a right at the fork in the gravel road at end of the Earth. Drove until the gravel road turned into a dirt road and the dirt road turned into a grass road along a levee.
  • Realized 30 minutes later that I was no longer anywhere near human life. Turned around and went back down grass road, dirt road, and gravel road. Took a right at the the fork in the gravel road at the end of the Earth. 

    Someome needs to tell Jason Aldean that "Chillin on a Dirt Road" is my car needs a bath!
  • Watched my college sorority's actives perform dress rehearsal of rush skits.  (They did awesome!  I have no doubt that we will, as always, get the best pledges!)
  • Left the end of the Earth.  Drove to Opelousas.  Snacked on trail mix along the way.
  • Visited my grandpa post surgery on his femur.  Ate a lupper of an apple, pecan, chicken salad from Wendy's.
  • Drove some more.
  • Stopped at the new house to do a couple of things and run in my new neighborhood.  I love suburbia; everyone was out in their yards playing catch, walking dogs, riding bikes, being suburban in general.
  • Came back to mom & dads, showered, and currently blogging....

These is an exact recollection of my weekend.  I left no detail out. I ate, moved, painted, slept, unpacked, ate some more, drove, and went for one short run.  All in all, not the most fun weekend of my life. But I am much closer to moving into the new house.  I didn't get as much running in as I wanted, but moving and painting was quite the workout!

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