Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I _______(blank) Wednesdays, Vol. 3

My third entry of the What I fill in the blank Wednesdays series:

What I Love About My New House Wednesday

1. My proximity to my favorite running route, Shell Beach Dr.  I am exactly 0.7 miles from the lake front!

2. My 5 burner gas stove. The first time I turned it on, the smell transported back to my grandpa's old house.  Ahh, nostalgia.

3. Lola's big, fenced back yard!  She still hasn't moved in yet, but will in the next few days.  I can't wait to have her back with me!!!

4. The fact that my cell phone works through out the entire house.  Goodbye days of standing in the window to talk!  You will not be missed!

5. Internet access.  I didn't have it at my old place.  We have opted for no cable but internet service.  While I miss all the housewives of Bravo, I am certain my life won't be any less enriched without them.

6. "Going to Town" isn't really driving into town anymore.  I am already in town!  What I really love about this is the time and gas money I am saving.

7. The sunsets.  I don't know if it is the water or the chemical refineries, but for some reason the sunsets in Lake Charles always glow pinks and oranges.  My backyard faces the west and isn't far from the port/water front/refineries, so I get the treat of those beautiful orangey pink sunsets through my kitchen windows every evening.


Bleacher Club

I have decided that Mike has lost his mind.  Bleacher club has been on another level lately.


Yesterday was a max day at CrossFit.  On these days, we do a specific exercise, working our way up to the heaviest weight we can possibly lift.  I love these workouts because they not only push you to your limits and help you discover what you are capable of, but also allow you to focus on form and show you the progress in your strength.

Our move yesterday was shoulder presses. It was very hard to press without putting in a little hip drive. My max was 65 pounds.  This was a PR (personal record) for me, but only because I have no record of ever doing shoulder presses in a workout before. 

Speaking of CrossFit, check out this article about all the celebs who are CrossFitters.  Who knew I was so cool and trendy?

                                       Celebrities Who Do CrossFit Training

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