Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bring on the Fall Weather

At Home Workout

In case you were wondering, I decided on doing 100 burpees for my at home workout yesterday.  It took me 13 minutes.  This seems entirely too long to me....I should at least be able to complete 10 burpees a minute. So, new goal: 100 burpees in under 10 minutes.

This was obviously a very short workout, but hey, its better than nothing and was a quick way to burn 150 calories.  Working out in my living room was kinda great because it was air conditioned, I could do it in just a sports bra and shorts without feeling insecure, and the tile floor was cold and wonderful after burpee mania.

AM Run

This morning I ventured out in the misty rain for a run.  I ran along the lake front; Lee and it's wind made the lake super choppy.  I always love to be around the water, but there is something so calming to me about choppy waters.  I think it reminds me of ocean waves at the beach.  (Speaking of Lee, did anyone catch the LSU game last night?  Wow!  What a game...Geaux Tigers!  Unfortunately, McNeese lost. :( )

4.5 miles! I had to walk a little on the last quarter of the run due to a side stitch, but after it subsided, I finished strong.   Also, my iPod died about half way through and I stepped in dog poo. :(

But the 77 degree weather made up for it.  It's amazing how much more enjoyable a run can be when the weather is cool!  It made me so excited for fall.  Predictions are it supposed to be in the 60's some mornings this week.  I plan on taking full advantage of this and getting in as many runs as I can. 

Official half marathon training starts when I get back from the Dominican, which is a week and a half away!

Text Message Workout

Because the weather is dreary, there is nothing to do besides sit around and eat, and Mike loves to find new ways to torture me, he texted me, challenging me to an impromptu work out. This girl doesn't back down from a challenge.

Rules: At 4:30 he would send a text with the workout plan and we begin  immediatelly at our respective houses.

The text was as follows:
"Ok challenge starts, Lets Go!!! 5 min jog in place.
5 rounds
30 mountain climbers
20 push ups
30 bike crunches
20 side burpees each side
30 tri dips on chair"

30 minutes and 250 calories later, I was sprawled out on that cool tile floor panting. 

Not my idea of a relaxing Sunday afternoon, but as with all workouts, I'm glad I did it.  I needed the extra calorie burn after all the munchies I ate during the game last night!

Why are you excited about fall?
For me, it's cool, crisp running weather and tailgating!

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